Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lee Speaks and Other Rumors....

- Derrek Lee said today he has not heard anything on a trade that would send him to the Angels. In fact he says the Cubs have not approached him to approve any trade. Well, duh Lee, the only way they will come to you to waive your no trade clause is if they have a trade in place. Clearly they do not. Lee did say he would like to remain a Cub.

- Lou said he is fed up (we are too Lou but we are fed up with you and this team) with Soto and Fukduome. He is changing the lineup today putting Colvin in RF and Hill behind the plate. I understand the thought of getting Colvin more ABs but Hill is awful at the plate. Even though Soto is struggling putting Hill behind the plate is not the answer either. He said he is growing tired of talking and players need to produce. He says giving people time is good but too much is bad. Well then Mr. Lou why do you keep trotting Lee and Aramis out there and putting them in the 3 and 4 spots in the lineup when they are struggling??? You are just a hypocrite Lou and you along with Hendry need to be fired and most of the team needs to be traded away.

It is the only solution right now!

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Nationals Interested in Fukudome, Nady, and more....

Accoring to Ben Goessling of MASNsports the Nationals could have interest in Xavier Nady or Koskue Fukudome to solve their RF woes. He labels the pros and cons of both but it seems Fukudome would be the best fit because of his defense and he was targeted earlier in the year by the Nationals.

Before I read this story today I had an unnamed source that told me the Nationals have contacted the Cubs about Fukudome along with two other outfielders, Ryan Theriot, and a "pricey top of the rotation pitcher." If the Cubs did in fact get that call I would beg to trade off Fukudome, Theriot, and any of our pricey pitchers in the rotation to any team. That pitchers the Nats could be targeting is Lilly who is in the last year of his contract, it could be Dempster who has a ton of money on his contract, Carlos Silva is an option because how he has been pitching, and Carlos Zambrano could be a target even though he has not been a top of the rotation guy.

One thing Goessling mentions is $$$ and how they want a player that is younger and contract fits their money situation. One solution to that is to take a bad contract in return. The Cubs could take Adam Dunn who is owed 12 million and in the last year of this contract and Cristian Guzman could be another option especially if they trade Ryan Theriot. Other than that there is not someone on the Nationals that is that expensive that they would trade (Ryan Zimmerman please).

If the Cubs could unload one of their pricey starters, Ryan Theriot, and either Fukudome or Nady to the Nationals without eating a ton of salary, call that a win-win situation. It would be a win for the Cubs if they could get out of paying any of the contract and acquire Dunn and/or Guzman because they are in the final year of their deals.

Jim Hendry could start doing what is right and that is selling off this overpriced team and look toward the future by getting younger and less expensive. Unfortunately it does not look like that will happen and therefore Hendry will not be apart of that future.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Running Rumors....

UPDATE!- Carrie Muskat said the Angels have not talked to the Cubs about Lee or Nady. Jim Hendry also stats the Cubs have not have any "serious trade talks" with any teams. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

-The Chicago Cubs seem to be making it know that they are shopping some of there players or at least that other teams are interested in current Cubs. According to David Kaplan the Angels and Cubs have had talks about Derrek Lee. Meanwhile Chicago Sun-Times said that the Angels are targeting Xavier Nady and not Derrek Lee. It would make more sense for the Angels to go for Xavier Nady because he is less expensive, can play the outfield, and is use to being a bench player when Morales come back. Derrek Lee on the other hand is in the last year of his contract making 13 million this season, he is a better bat, and better defensively at 1st base. But he has never been a bench player and can only play first base. So the Angels would have to use Morales/Lee at 1st/DH when Morales gets healthy. This should be interesting to watch because depending on who is traded and for who will determine the direction the Cubs are heading the rest of the year and into next season. I will keep you updated!

-Bruce Levine stats the obvious and says the Cubs are sellers. He says there have been numerous scouts at Cubs games from other teams and the Phillies have been watching the Cubs for some time now.

-According to my sources Aramis Ramirez is getting a lot of interest despite his woes at the plate. The teams the source labels are Angels, Mariners, Marlins, and the Twins as team interested in the Cubs 3rd baseman. Out of those teams the Marlins and Twins seem like good fits but so does the Angels especially since they have Macier starting at 3rd for them these days. I will keep you updated on these situations as they become available.

It looks like the Cubs could be selling soon unless they do something dramatic to change that.

Always look here for the latest in Cubs’ rumors and news!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Moves Made as Expected.. Blow up this team....

- The Chicago Cubs made some moves today sending Angel Guzman to the 60 day DL. Andrew Cashner was called up and put in the bullpen taking Guzman's 40 man roster spot and Grabow was sent to the DL for 15 days because of a "left knee sprain."

Having watched this team continue to fall apart and play below .500 baseball for the entire year so far has me wondering if this team should be dismantled and built back up with young talent and worth while free agents. Besides players like Marlon Byrd, Ryan Dempster, Carlos Silva, and some random others, this team does not mesh well and looks like there hearts are not in it. I think players like Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez simply do not care and are just going through the motions. Both corner infielders are suppose to be the leaders of this team but are acting like spoiled veterans who are just interested in cashing checks. These veterans simply have no consequences because they have a manager that lets them do whatever. If I was Tom Ricketts I would look at dramatically altering this team at the deadline especially if they are hanging around .500 or below that.

The Cubs need to add hard-working young talented players that know how to play the game the right way. First we have to acknowledge trading players like Soriano and Zambrano are not likely because of their contract but players like Aramis Ramirez, Fukudome, Lee, etc are players that could and should be dealt around the deadline because they do not fit into the fold next season. Put all these players on the block-


Bold represents not likely to be traded because of their contract.

You have probably noticed I pretty much labeled everyone on the roster except Castro, Wells, Soto, Marmol, etc... All those other players have leadership, small contract, or at least a reasonable contact. The others do not fit into the model of what I would do to build a team.

Lets face it Cub fans, the Cubs need to start over, build on young talent, and add key free agents as they get better and realize their holes. A perfect model is the Tampa Bay Rays, they have a ton of young talent that came up through their minor leagues that start everyday for them right now. That should be the model for the Cubs. The Cubs have Andrew Cashner, Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Josh Vitters, Hak-Ju Lee, Randy Wells, Casey Coleman, Jay Jackson, Brett Jackson, etc... You mix them with veterans like Marlon Byrd, Sean Marshall, and other players that are likely not to be traded because of contract (ie Soriano, Dempster, and Zambrano) and you have the making of a nice team mixed with veterans and young talent, much like the Rays have this season. It all starts at the top with a new GM and revamped coaching staff. Ryne Sandberg, Gregg Maddux, and/or Bob Brenly should be involved with the Cubs in some way. Sandberg or Brenly managing would be a nice and welcome change while I think Maddux would be a great GM (if you are going to start over why not give him a shot?). I think the only coach you keep is Rudy Jaramillo because I have seen what he has done with Soto, Soriano, etc.

I just think it is time for a change because this is not a team, it is a group of individuals with no direction.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving on Up... and Down

- Zambrano is moving up to the rotation and will start Weds against the Pirates. Gorzelanny will be sent to the bullpen.

- The Cubs will have four lefties in their bullpen to start this week. The Cubs are expected to make another move though, calling up Andrew Cashner this week to replace Zambrano as the right-handed set-up guy in the bullpen. You can expect the Cubs to make room for Cashner by sending down James Russell or putting John Grabow on the DL with a "mysterious injury."

- Ryan Dempster deferred 3 million dollars of his money this offseason so they could sign Xavier Nady. A generous act by Dempster and it truly shows the kind of person he is.

- Aramis Ramirez, Tom Gorzelanny, Kosuke Fukudome, Ryan Theriot, and Derrek Lee are all being shopped by the Cubs according to sources. The Cubs are looking to upgrade at those positions as well as make room for other deserving players like Tyler Colvin. Three of the five listed do have no-trade clauses but MLB has proven that some players will waive that clause if the fit seems right. The Angels could have interest in Derrek Lee with their first baseman on the shelf until at least August. Lee would probably accept a trade to the west coast because he has family there and is comfortable with California.

The others could find fits at numerous places. I will keep you updated.

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