Thursday, June 03, 2010

Running Rumors....

UPDATE!- Carrie Muskat said the Angels have not talked to the Cubs about Lee or Nady. Jim Hendry also stats the Cubs have not have any "serious trade talks" with any teams. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

-The Chicago Cubs seem to be making it know that they are shopping some of there players or at least that other teams are interested in current Cubs. According to David Kaplan the Angels and Cubs have had talks about Derrek Lee. Meanwhile Chicago Sun-Times said that the Angels are targeting Xavier Nady and not Derrek Lee. It would make more sense for the Angels to go for Xavier Nady because he is less expensive, can play the outfield, and is use to being a bench player when Morales come back. Derrek Lee on the other hand is in the last year of his contract making 13 million this season, he is a better bat, and better defensively at 1st base. But he has never been a bench player and can only play first base. So the Angels would have to use Morales/Lee at 1st/DH when Morales gets healthy. This should be interesting to watch because depending on who is traded and for who will determine the direction the Cubs are heading the rest of the year and into next season. I will keep you updated!

-Bruce Levine stats the obvious and says the Cubs are sellers. He says there have been numerous scouts at Cubs games from other teams and the Phillies have been watching the Cubs for some time now.

-According to my sources Aramis Ramirez is getting a lot of interest despite his woes at the plate. The teams the source labels are Angels, Mariners, Marlins, and the Twins as team interested in the Cubs 3rd baseman. Out of those teams the Marlins and Twins seem like good fits but so does the Angels especially since they have Macier starting at 3rd for them these days. I will keep you updated on these situations as they become available.

It looks like the Cubs could be selling soon unless they do something dramatic to change that.

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