Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Cubs Should Look at Young Trade with Rangers...

The Cubs could benefit from the Rangers misfortunes with Michael Young. The Rangers find themselves in a similar situation the Cubs had with Milton Bradley (just not as bad). If you have not heard about the Young/Rangers drama you can find all the details on MLBTR. The Rangers want to trade him but don’t want to pay his entire salary which they may be forced to do. The other option is taking on another bad salary which brings an opportunity for the Cubs.

Since Michael Young can play 3rd, SS, and 2nd base he may be a great fit for the Cubs because he would start at 2nd base for them this year and provide insurance for 3rd base if Aram goes down with injury or leaves after this season. One thing Young does bring is a good bat, he hit .284 with 21 homers and 91 RBI last season which makes the Rangers want a good bat in return if they end up paying any amount of Young’s salary.

After saying all of this I think the Cubs and Rangers match up well in a trade. I think the Cubs should send Alfonso Soriano, Randy Wells, and a PTBNL to the Rangers for Michael Young, Chris Davis and Darren O’Day. The money is really not close because Soriano is owed 72 million and Young is only owed 48 million so I think the Cubs would have to pay at least 16-18 million over the span of the contract or pay the final year of his deal which is 18 million.

Looking at this from the Rangers side they don’t lose the production by trading Young they actually may gain some from Soriano. Soriano had some great years in Texas and would likely accept a trade back there considering they are more likely to contend in the weak AL East than the Cubs are in the NL Central. Not to mention he is more of a true DH than Young or anyone else on their team. The Rangers also gain Randy Wells, who is coming off a bad year but had a good first year with the Cubs. He does have an option left so he could be insurance for their thin rotation and bullpen. Texas would also receive a PTBNL.

From the Cubs stand-point I am sure they would be chomping at the bit to get this deal done. The Cubs shed most of Soriano’s awful contract; they open a spot in the outfield for Brett Jackson; who would also serve as their legitimate leadoff hitter. They would have a good offensive and defensive outfield for the first time in a long time. They also get Young who is a good hitter and can play 3 infield positions. He would be an upgrade at 2nd base over everyone in the Cubs system and provide insurance for 3rd. The Cubs also get a really good and young lefty in Darren O’Day which makes them looking like the stand-out bullpen in the NL. Chris Davis is not a throw in either. He provides left-handed pop off the bench and a valuable young player that could fill the starting role at 1st in 2012 if he does really well in 2011.

This is something the Cubs and Rangers should look at (at least from where I stand). This is not a trade rumor; it is just a suggestion for both clubs. What do you guys think?

Until Next Time…