Monday, June 02, 2014

Kris Bryant to be called up to Iowa... June 19th

Yep… Just like the headline says.  Kris Bryant to be called to AAA Iowa on Thursday June 19th for their match-up against El Paso.


Now I know what you are saying.  Where is this coming from? Has there been a press release? A leak?  Is there a source?  Well; really none of the above.  I got my information from… well… me.  To me there are various reasons why Kris Bryant has not been called up as of yet whether you deem that right or wrong decision.  But there are two reasons that no one is talking about that brings us back to my bold statement of him being called up to Iowa on Thursday June 19th.


The first reason is the AA All-Star Game is on Tuesday the 17th of June.  I just do not see Theo and Jed calling up Bryant before he has a chance to play in the AA All-Star Game.  They really are in no need to rush him up to Iowa (except of public outcry) so using the excuse they wanted to give Bryant a chance to play in the All-Star game could be a valid reason to keep him in Tennessee until then. Plus this also gives him a travel day to Iowa since the 18th is a day off for all the league (being the day after the All-Star game).  The 2nd  reason is the plate appearances at each level.  While Theo and Jed have said they would like to see 400 PA before being called up not one of their top prospects have eclipsed over 337 plate appearances in one stop in the minors and that 337 PA was done in high A ball by Javier Baez.  In fact Rizzo was called up to Chicago after 284 plate appearances, Baez started the season in AAA after just 240 plate appearances with the Smokies, and let’s not forget Bryant only had 146 PA for Rookie, low A, and high A ball total in 2013 before starting the year with Tennessee. Bryant is sitting at 239 plate appearances and by the AA All-Star break he is likely to see 40-50 more between now and then putting him in the 280-290 range which is right in between what Baez and Rizzo saw before their promotions. 


To me this is just reading the tea leaves and looking at past experiences and data lead me to this conclusion.  Take it for what it is worth but I will tell you one thing I will be at Principal Park when Mr. Bryant makes his debut on Thursday June 19th!


Until Next Time…