Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 Games In News and Notes...

  • I know it is only 5 games in but think the outfield needs changes. I think DeJesus and Byrd both removed in favor of LaHair in RF (I know the argument of bad defense but cannot do as bad as DeJesus has the first 5 games) and BJax in CF. This move would allow them to bring up Rizzo to play 1st. Overall that is a better lineup than what they are trotting out now.

  • BleacherNation has the positives and negatives for claiming Brandon Allen.

  • Another change that needs to be made (yes I probably am over-reacting) is Clevenger playing more. I really like the guy.

  • Dave Bailers says Josh Vitters is really improving defensively at 3rd base and swinging the bat well. That is great for Vitters and Cub fans because he does have a really good bat.

  • Saddenss fell over Hot Stove Cubbies when Brandon Phillips signed an extension with the Reds. The 6 year $72.5 million dollar cements the fact that I will never see Phillips play in a Cubs uniform which is truly unfortunate. I am a big Phillips fan because of the way he plays, great defense/bat, and of course he is hated by the Cards.

  • I would address the Ozzie Guillen thing but unfortunately if I addressed everything offensive and stupid that came out of his mouth I would have to change the title of the blog.

  • Sveum is really talking up Clevenger and my guess is he will get more at bats and starts as Soto struggles.

  • Levine’s latest-
    • Levine says no one will trade for Soriano.
    • Bruce says Marmol and Wood will be fine if not overused but has questions about the others.
    • Levine says Samardzija will not be on an “innings count” this season.
    • Bruce continues to say that Jackson and Rizzo will play at AAA unless there is an injury or trade. Primarily because they want them to develop and in BJax case not start his ML clock.
    • Bruce says what we heard in the past that Byrd and DeJesus have long histories of success so they will get the playing time. When did Levine turn into Dusty Baker and Jim Hendry?? I say play the most deserving players.
    • Bruce says other than Samardzija and Garza he does not see any of the pitchers in the rotation here in 3 years. I can go with that!
    • Levine reminds us that Dempster is a 10 & 5 player which means he controls his destiny but stats he is likely to move onto a contender in the last year of his contract.
    • Bruce says that Epstein and Co. will trade anyone if they think it could make the Cubs better in the next few years. They have no love connection to certain players unlike Hendry.
    • Bruce is still saying the Cubs are going to need to trade Garza this deadline to get value for him. A year and a half of Garza is better than a guy in the final year of his contract.
    • Nothing more on Soler.