Friday, October 05, 2007

PREDICTION: Cubs to win game 3!

With the Chicago Cubs dropping the first 2 games in Arizona and having an uphill climb to advancing to the NLCS there is concern both in the clubhouse and with fans. The Cubs are heading back to the Friendly Confines where the hope there bats and pitching get on the same page. To look at the glass half full, the Cubs will have a loaded Wrigley Field with there own fans behind them and cheering them on. Wrigley Field the past month have been like a playoff atmosphere and the cubs have played well at home and I expect no different. The Cubs will have inexperienced Rich Hill on the mound against an aging changing speeds experienced pitcher in Hernandez. With inexperience you have 2 things that can happen... 1. You could blow up and let the pressure get to you and hand the series over to the Dbacks or... 2. You have tremendous sucess, take advantage of the tense Dbacks in an elimination game and force a game 4 with Z taking the mound. I think Hill with dominate and give the win to the Cubs.

The Cubs will not only win they will do it with the long ball, good pitching, and great defense. This will be the turn around game for the Cubs( it will have to be!!!) and bring that Cubbie Swagger we seen the last 2 months of the season. Expect Rammy, Sori, Lee, and Floyd to have big games and expect Hill to have a dominating playoff performance. I expect and predict the Cubs to win this game and I also expect and predict them to win the game on Sunday forcing a game five. Who knows what happens after that!

The Cubs need that Swagger back and I think it comes to them Saturday when there in front of there fans at the Friendly Confines.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cubs Playoff Roser Set.

Some surprises, some no brainers here is the roster





Blanco, Marshall, Trachsel, Monroe and Ohman left off roster. The surprise to me is Monroe, he smashes lefties and he is good in the clubhouse and has post season experience. I would have picked him over Font or even Murton in my opinion. He has more power than Murton and better defense and a cannon for an arm. Another surprise is having Marshall left off the roster. If the cubs make it past the Dbacks you might see them both on the next roster in the NLCS. Lou has a good lineup, lets just hope he doesn't put dempster in a close game and god help us if he decides to have him close.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cubs will face Dbacks

CINCINNATI -- The Cubs are headed west.
The Cubs will open the National League Division Series on Wednesday against the NL West winners, the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Carlos Zambrano (18-13, 3.95 ERA) will start Game 1 for the Cubs against Arizona's Brandon Webb (18-10, 3.01 ERA), with Ted Lilly (15-8, 3.86 ERA) going in Game 2 on Thursday. The best-of-five series will shift to Wrigley Field for Game 3 on Oct. 6 and Game 4, if necessary, on Oct. 7.
The Cubs entered Sunday's regular-season finale not knowing who they would be playing because of the complicated Wild Card scenarios. All they had to do was wait and see if the Phillies lost, or the Mets lost or the San Diego Padres won. If one of those three things happened, the Cubs were headed to Arizona. The Florida Marlins obliged, and beat the Mets, 8-1.
This is the Cubs' first trip to the postseason since they won the division in 2003. That team was five outs away from reaching the World Series, when the Marlins rallied to take the NL Championship Series.
This is a new team, with a new look and new manager Lou Piniella.
"We've got as good a chance as anybody else," Piniella said. "We're going to have to pitch well, and we're going to have to get some timely hitting. We're built for the short term as well as the long term.
"We've got a veteran team here, basically, and we've got some pitchers in the rotation who can keep you in ballgames, and we have a strong bullpen to close things out," he said. "Really, what it amounts to is how well we hit."