Saturday, June 04, 2011

No Truth to Tyler Colvin at 3rd....

I first off want to state I am sorry I made a error on my part about the Tyler Colvin to 3rd base rumors. Looking back at my email regarding possibly Soto and him going to 3rd I miss read the email sent to me by a reliable source. It looks like the Cubs were entertaining the idea of Soto at 3rd for next season and using Colvin more at 1st if Pena is traded.

When posting the rumor I did not give it much thought to having Colvin at third because I had other bigger things on my mind, like my 2nd child coming into the world. I am sorry and embarrassed I would make a "rookie" mistake on my blog and I appreciate you all pointing out my fault. I really do appreciate everyone holding me accountable (even though some more ruthless than others) and helping me make this blog better. I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and posting here as well. I will continue to strive for excellence in making this site the premiere place for Cubs rumors and news.

Thank you to everyone and please check here early and often for the latest Cubs rumors and news. Changes could be coming soon!!!

God Bless!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Falling Cubs Increase Rumor Talk

Let’s check the latest rumors for the free falling Cubs-

- If the Diamondbacks hold strong and stay in the race in the West Kevin Towers is expected to upgrade certain positions such as 1st base and their starting pitching. Towers and Hendry have made deals in the past and are good friends which make this rumor especially good. The Diamondbacks have had internal discussions about many players but most notably Ryan Dempster and Carlos Pena of the Cubs. Both players are in the final year of their deals unless Dempster exercised his player option for next season which now looks less certain. The Snakes view Pena as an upgrade at first and Dempster would provide stability and depth in the rotation. Demp provides as an upgrade to struggling pitcher Joe Saunders. Pena is also very intriguing for the Dbacks because he would provide veteran leadership, stability at first base, and a power threat in the middle of their lineup.

- The Cleveland Indians have had internal discussions about bringing in an upgrade at third base in which the name Aramis Ramirez has come up. The Indians are said to have the financial flexibility and farm system to acquire an impact bat and a top of the rotation pitcher before the trade deadline if they are still in the race. The Rockies and Giants also have some level of interest in Aramis Ramirez according to sources. It should be noted that after 2010 Ramirez no longer has a no-trade clause so he can be traded to any team without consent.

- Fred Wilpon's recent comments about the stars of his team have sparked trade debate. Now being reported by MLBTR the Mets may consider trading David Wright rather than letting Jose Reyes go via free agency. David Wright is currently out with a fracture in his back which makes him less certain to be traded this season. It is possible the Mets may make him available this winter. If the Cubs decide to trade Aramis before he potentially becomes a free agent next season they will likely turn their attention to the Mets franchise third baseman. There was talk at the beginning of the season about the Cubs trading for David Wright and moving Aramis Ramirez to 1st but that was before the Carlos Pena deal. David Wright makes 15 million in 2012 and has a 16 million dollar club option with a 1 million dollar buyout for 2013. If the Cubs let Ramirez walk after this season you better believe they will make a run at Wright because the 3rd baseman market looks really weak for 2012.

- There is talk among fans that the Cubs should make a run at Jose Reyes and put Starlin Castro at 3rd. Honestly I hate that idea, I think Castro is a much better shortstop than Reyes and moving Castro for him is just ridiculous!

- The Cubs calling up Tyler Colvin to replace Soriano is just plain stupid. It was Brett Jackson’s time in my opinion but according to Cubs officials “he is not ready to make the jump because he is coming off injury” that is BS; if he is well enough to play in AA he is ready to get a shot at the big leagues. Bring the kid up!

Until Next Time…