Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DL Pitchers, Castro #3, and DeRosa Chicago Bound????

Here is the latest we have for you today-

  • Randy Wells and Andrew Cashner were re-evaluated on Monday. No word yet on the next time table.

  • Starlin Castro could be moved to the #3 spot in the lineup very soon hinted Jim Hendry and Q. Marlon Byrd is in the middle of a slump and is 3 for 20 with RISP. The move would not shake things up too much because Fukudome would likely go into the leadoff spot followed by Barney who is a staple in the 2 hole. Byrd would likely hit toward the bottom of the lineup.

  • Remember Mark DeRosa? Well he could make his way back on the Chicago Cubs. The Giants are looking to trade Mark DeRosa and the 6 million left on his deal that expires after this season or they may release him. Now the Cubs are not too keen on trading for Mark DeRosa unless the Giants are willing to take John Grabow and his 4.8 million dollar contract or maybe Smardzija and the 3 million left on his contract (although he has already vetoed 2 trades in his young baseball career). The Giants have two players that are currently making there way back from the DL in Cody Ross and Andres Torres. According to officials Mark is likely the odd man out since the middle infield and outfield would then be very crowded. If the Cubs acquired DeRosa it would likely push Blake DeWitt to AAA since he still has an option left where he can get playing time and work on his swing. DeRosa would then assume the super utility role he is use to. DeRosa not only brings strength, versatility, and RBI production to the Cubs bench, he brings leadership and good clubhouse qualities. I am all for the Cubs replacing Blake DeWitt for Mark DeRosa on this team even if it cost the Cubs half his salary to do so.

  • Until Next Time.