Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cubs Hit and Run: Spring Training Rumors and Notes

  • The Cubs traded Tony Campana to the Diamondbacks for Erick Leal and Jesus Castillo both teenage right-handed pitchers. I follow the same surprise as most that the Cubs actually got value back from Campana who is a borderline 25th man on the roster.
  • Matt Garza has a mild strain in his lat and will be rested for about a week then amp up his pitching after that. It is good news according to Jed Hoyer and it is too early to tell if this impacts his 1ststart of the season.
  • Baseball prospectus released its top 100 prospect list in which Javier Baez comes in at 17, Almora at 21, Soler, at 29, Vogelbach at 87, Vizcanio at 88, and Candelario at 99.
  • Baseball America also posted their top 100 list which includes 4 Cubs. Javier Baez (16), Albert Almora (33), Jorge Soler (34), and Arodys Vizcanio (83).
  • So Soriano does not want to be traded but if the Cubs struggle he would be open to a trade giving a lot of factors but most importantly his age. Soriano says he and his agent have had talks with the Cubs FO and stated he gave them a list of 6 or 7 teams in the East or Central Leagues he would accept a trade to. Jed Hoyer also confirmed this report.
  • I think I can figure out the 6 or 7 teams based on this preference. I think the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, and Tigers are no brainers here. I think Texas could be in there as well given his familiarity. The other two I think could be the Phillies and Mets but that is a shot in the dark there.
  • Levine had his chat thing so let’s check it out.
    • Demand will determine the market for Matt Garza.
    • Navarro could make his way to starting if Castillo struggles.
    • No change Baez or Soler are a September call up this year.
    • If Levine had to pick where Garza ends up he would pick the Rangers or Blue Jays.
    • Jackson will start in AAA unless there is an injury.
    • If Stewart fails this year they will turn to Valbuena or Vitters to replace him.
    • Angels could revisit a Marmol trade with Madson injury.
    • Garza needs to prove healthy before any contract demands are made. Bruce throws around $15-$20M a year for him.
    • The front office will have to consider trading position players for pitching or else they will end up like the Royals.
    • The best 5 starters will be there opening day regardless.
    • Cubs are happy with their bullpen but could trade for a guy like Brian Wilson if they trade Marmol.
    • Concepcion is missing but will start in high A.
    • Samardzija impressed him the most this Spring.
    • No word on Dontrelle Willis this spring.
    • No chance Soler ends up with the Chicago Cubs this year.
    • Baez will make it to the big leagues first out of the top prospects.
    • Junior Lake looks impressive but his destination on the field is either LF or 3rd because he is too big for SS or 2b.
    • Soriano could be traded by Opening Day.
    • Cubs do not look like a .500 team this year.
    • Stewart or Valbuena will get the starting job at 3rd this season.
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