Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Blockbuster Trade Could be in the Works!

So a lot of things are coming together right now with reports/rumors from other sites and my sources citing similar things.  I usually do not dedicate one post to one trade rumor but this is a big one.  First the reports I am hearing-

  • Source #1: The Cubs are looking to link Bryan LaHair in a trade with Dempster or Garza to get more valuable prospects in return.
  • From Cubs Den: (Updated 4:25 pm) Jayson Stark tweeted the following, "Execs of 2 teams who spoke to Cubs this week say they're mentioning Bryan LaHair's name regularly in trade talks. Since 5/15: .220/.278/.341". LaHair's biggest value right now is as a LH power bat who is cost controlled for the next several years. LaHair would be a relatively low risk to a team because he can still provide value off the bench and could serve as a stopgap 1B or OF for a team in need of some punch. LaHair's future with the Cubs is limited because of the presence of Anthony Rizzo and the probability that he won't be able to play OF long term.
  •  Source #2: The Tigers have been scouting the Cubs over the past month on days where neither Garza or Dempster started. 
  • Source #1: (1 hour later) The Cubs have talked to the Tigers about acquiring not only Garza but also Darwin Barney and Bryan LaHair.
  • Source #3: The Cubs can land Nick Castellanos and other prospects with a Garza package but have to include either Josh Vitters or Junior Lake in the deal plus more player.  Such as Darwin Barney.

Now take into account that all theses sources have contacted me via email in the past 24 hours and the way I have this listed above is the order in which I heard the information.  Now I also want to note that Source #2 and #3 have been right or partially right more times than not.  In fact one tipped me off to the Cubs acquiring Adrian Cardenas and the other has been right with the Soriano signing years ago, Jason Marquis signing, Cubs interest in Justin Upton (first reported), and many other tidbits here and there.  The first source has given me stuff here and there but nothing concrete but he is also a new source in the past year and a half.

Now looking at this as a whole I can see a blockbuster trade in the works.  If all this information is correct and combined it with Tiger/Cub rumors recently here is what I see.  The Tigers have had the weakest production out of RF in the majors; similar to what the White Sox had at 3rd base before Youk came along. That is why Bryan LaHair is a fit because he can not only play RF but 1st and DH and is under control for many years to come for a small price (hard to find a power bat at that price).  The Tigers also are only willing to give up Nick Castellanos if they can work out an extension with Grienke or Hamels before hand because they want the pitcher beyond this year.  Garza has been a target of theirs, is AL tested, and is under control for the rest of this season and next year so to me he looks more likely to land in Detroit than Cole or Grienke.  The Tigers are also looking for a young middle infielder to help them through the rest of this year, hopefully the playoffs and into next season. He also must have good defensive skills and be cost effective.  That is where Darwin Barney comes in.  Now the kicker could be dealing one of our 3rd base prospects with these players to get a package around Nick Castellanos.  The Tigers are not going to give up a ton of prospects without getting one in return which is why replacing Nick Castellanos with Vitters or Lake would soften the blow to the farm.

So here is the blockbuster deal I see from all of this-

Cubs get Nick Castellanos, Jacob Turner (Cubs really like him but no where in this post does it say the Cubs have discussed him), and a couple of prospects not in the top Tigers top 10.  Maybe like two or three of Adam Wilk, Alex Burgos, Josue Carreno, Kyle Ryan, Eugenio Suarez or Matt Hoffman.

Tigers get Matt Garza, Darwin Barney, Bryan LaHair, and either Junior Lake or Josh Vitters.

This has all the makings of a big move in the right direction for the Cubs for the future and the Tigers for the now with a little taste of the future.  If the Cubs and Tigers pulled off this trade to me it would be a win/win for both clubs.

Again this is me just reading the tea leaves of what I am hearing from sources and reading at other sites.  The Cubs could be talking several different trades with numerous different players involved.  Jacob Turner may not even be involved in this deal but previous talks this offseason make me think he is.  Whether something like this happens only time will tell.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Dempster, Garza, Barney, Soriano, Soto, and Much More...

  • Tony La Russa sucks something big. Not putting in LaHair after taking out Votto in favor of a 3rd baseman in Freese playing 1st; seriously dude! Then the kicker is not playing Castro until the last few innings. This guy needs to go back to rambling and stumbling on tape to the cops and saying his ABCZDF8 rather being anywhere near a baseball diamond. I feel better now!
  • The Cubs and White Sox will not play 6 games anymore. Interleague play will go to a more balanced format that will have the Cubs and Sox play 4 total games’ home and home.
  • 10 teams scouted Dempster yesterday according to sources including the Dodgers, Braves, Indians, Red Sox, Angels, Yankees, and more…
  • Jon Heyman chimes in today with some Cubs chatter saying the Dodgers and Cubs are discussing possible trades that would send either Ryan Dempster or Matt Garza to LA. He says the Dodgers are the favorite to land Demspter while they have also had conversations about Garza. (Nothing really new just reaffirming what we already know).
  • The Cubs could have interest in Justin Upton but not at the price the Dbacks are asking for. You remember when I said a while back the Cubs and Dbacks were discussing Upton. Well if not here you go.
  • The Indians, Pirates, Rays, Nationals, and several other teams are battling to get Josh Willingham, Justin Upton, and/or Carlos Quentin. The teams that don’t land or want to pay the bounty for those 3 will likely end up with Soriano. We have heard the Indians, Pirates, and Rays as the most serious suitors for Soriano.
  • The Rays could pull off a Soto and Soriano package according to a source.
  • The Indians are very interested in Dempster but may not have the prospects the Cubs want.
  • The Dodgers would like to get Garza or Dempster plus LaHair and may end up paying big for that package.
  • BleacherNation has an interesting take on the Red Sox/Cubs trade involving Ryan Sweeney.
  • If the Angels cannot land Greinke or Hamels they would turn their attention to Garza or Dempster. Talk has the Angels willing to trade players such as Mark Trumbo, Jordan Walden, Jean Segura, Garrett Richards, and/or John Hellweg for starting pitching.
  • The Cubs would be willing to trade Barney and Garza to Detroit if the Cubs can get a package headlined with Nick Castellanos, Jacob Turner, and at least 3 other solid prospects. If the Cubs received Castellanos then one of Josh Vitters or Junior Lake could become trade bait.
  • The Latest from Levine-
    • It will take another outing or two before Dempster gets moved.
    • Good chance Maholm gets traded as well as Johnson and Baker.
    • Garza will be traded this year and will bring back the most prospects.
    • Garza is less attractive as a trade candidate next season.
    • No way Jamie Moyer comes back to the Cubs.
    • Cubs would like to develop Samardzija and have him around for years.
    • Campana is average outfielder with below average arm and still cannot hit with consistency. That is why he is not playing.
    • The Cubs pay roll could be down over $30M next season and be under $90M.
    • Baez could be in AA by next season but does not know if he will be a SS or 3rd baseman.
    • The White Sox could be interested in Reed Johnson.
    • The only way the Cubs trade Barney is for a young 2nd base prospect back in a deal.
    • If a team is willing to overpay for LaHair he will be traded. (Like the Dodgers?)
    • Dodgers are the front-runners for Dempster but the Braves and Indians may give up a better package.
    • Unless the Dbacks are interested in Garza the Cubs can’t get Upton.
    • Almora will play in short season rookie ball and Soler could start in Class A.
    • Again Levine does not see Soriano being traded. He says the Cubs will have to watch him play here or release him because of the $50M left on his contract. (Just want to say Levine could not be more WRONG on this. The guy’s main source is Casey Coleman for goodness sake.)
    • Nate Jones, Beckham, and Molina would not get the White Sox Barney and Dempster.
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