Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cubs searching for assistant gm, left handed outfielder... but not pitching

The daily herald had some good things today.. It said we are in the proccess of finishing up the Marquis deal(pending a physical).. It also stats that were done looking at pitching( words that came directly out of Jimbo's mouth).. The cubs have made it known that they want Cliff Floyd, wether its a bench player, platoon, or to replace JJ if he is traded... Him and Jim have had a good friendship since he tried to recruited him to Creighton... It is still rumored that we are very close to signing him to a one year deal.. Jim also might be in the market for a CF until Mr. Pie is ready... He remains to say he want a stop gap until he is ready and pry wont see any CF action until Spring Training.. if any at all.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cubs could look at Cory Sullivan??

The rockies have alot of outfielders and not enough spots.. This is very intriguing because the only true cf left on the market is Finley... The rockies may shop Taveras but also could see what Sullivan could get them.. the cubs could take a look at both the Rocky Mountain news stats... Heres Sullivan's stats-

Not a bad player and he is a Lefty!!!! cubs should offer Guzman and Cedeno and see if they can get him!!!

Now having said that... if he is at all expensive then just give jones or pie the job in center.. i think both would do a decent job.. more jones offensivly and pie for the defense!!!

Cubs looking at Willie

Thanks to several posters and emailers for this info.. is reporting that wille taveras could be delt soon and the cubs and marlins are very intrested.. Taveras has a good glove and is ok with the bat.. but he is a right hander... we need a lefty center fielder i think but he is a good player.. If we dont give alot up i say get him but if the Rox ask for too much just start Pie in center.. There pretty simular players except Wille has played in the majors and Pie hasent... I say give the kid a shot over Willie. but thats my opinion!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cubs considering another starter?? Offering a deal??

According to under the rumors section-

Jeff Suppan, RHSP--St. Louis Cardinals
Yankees, Phillies, Pirates, Royals, Mariners, Astros and Giants are among a dozen teams interested in him. The Cardinals are offering a 3-year, $20M deal, but are not pursuing him aggressively. The Astros and Cubs (and possibly the Giants) are offering 3-year, $30Mish deals. He is seeking 4-years, $32-40M. The Pirates are unwilling to meet his asking price, but have a made a competitive offer. Jays and Mets have mild interest. He does not planning on signing until Zito is off the market....This rumor was last updated on 04:15 PM - Dec 13, 06.

How great would be our rotation then!!! if you can get Suppan for 10 or 11 mil would be a steal in my opinion... I have always like Suppan and he is right around the plate.. Just a good pitcher.. That then gives you the option to trade Prior or let him get heathy... or even trade Hill(which i dont want to) for a center fielder(crawford please!!!).. but here would be our rotation


Thats a tough rotation!!!!
heres a link to his stats

Cubs and Floyd very close...

As you might have read on message boards, other sites etc.. The cubs are close to signing Floyd.. Thanks to a emailer to sending me this from espn insider.. so here it is-

From rumor central:Close with CubsDec 14 - Cliff Floyd continues to move closer to a deal with the Chicago Cubs, according to's Jerry Crasnick.Floyd, a Chicago native, has made no secret of his desire to play for the Cubs. He has previous ties to general manager Jim Hendry (who recruited him at Creighton University) and special assistant Gary Hughes (who drafted him in Montreal in 1991).The Seattle Mariners had an interest in Floyd, who hit .244 with 11 homers in 97 games for the Mets last season, but filled their left-handed DH void when they acquired Jose Vidro in a trade with Washngton.

I really want to see Floyd in a cubbie uniform.. doing this gives you great power off the bench and the option to platoon with Murton or trade Jones.. This is a great move, now all we have to do is wait til its official!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cubs nonteneder

The cubs have nontendered Adam Harben and Jose Reyes... Just thought id give you some info.. Not that big of a deal

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No more Jennings

Not that we were needing him since the unoffical signing of Marquis but he came at a big price.. Heres the story from

The Astros have acquired right-hander Jason Jennings from the Rockies, has learned.The Rockies will receive center fielder Willy Taveras and right-handers Jason Hirsh and Taylor Buchholz for Jennings and right-hander Miguel Asencio, major-league sources said.Jennings, 28, will replace left-hander Andy Pettitte in the Astros' rotation. Pettitte, 34, signed a two-year, $32 million free-agent contract with the Yankees last Friday.

The Astros, who still could re-sign free-agent right-hander Roger Clemens, paid a steep price for Jennings, a pitcher with a 4.74 career ERA and only one season of more than 12 wins.The package is similar to the one that the Astros discussed last week with the White Sox in a proposed trade for right-hander Jon Garland.The quality of the players going to the Rockies will increase the pressure on the Astros to sign Jennings — a free agent at the end of next season — to a long-term contract.

Taveras, Hirsh and Buchholz for him?? Thats not worth someone who won only more than 12 games once.. im glad we didnt try that hard to get him...

Cubbie rumors slowing down

Hey everyone.. It looks like some of the rumors are finally slowing down... The cubs plan to announce Ward, Marquis, and Lilly this week... Cliff FLoyd is also suppose to make a decision on where he wants to go... my bet is chicago.

The cubs still havent made a move for center but it looks more and more like Jones or Pie will be in center for us in 07... Some other options have been mentioned such as Rowand, Church, Rocco, Finley, and Coco... Names that are availiable but expensive are AJones, Wells, and Crawford.. Names not really thrown around yet but look for them to start coming up like Bernie Williams, Wille Taveras, and Eric Byrnes... I dont know who will be our center fielder but Hendry just says he wants a stop gap until Pie is ready and that left when Lofton signed so the only players left to do that stop gap are Wells, Williams and Finley... The rest have years on there contract or are young and would block Pie... They only player i would trade for out of the bunch would be Crawford.. He is young and cheap, hits 300 avg, decent power 20hr, 30 SB, and a great glove... I would take him over the rent a players of Wells and Jones... Plus this way you could trade Pie in that deal and not have to wonder if he is ready.. or if he is not.. or is he gonna be great or is he gonna be a bust.. Having said that none of these players will come cheap especially Jones, Crawford, and Wells..

It will be intresting how all this plays out..


Monday, December 11, 2006

Cubs ready to announce new comers! Set eyes on outfield!,1,318637.story?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

The Cubs are expected to announce the signings of Ted Lilly, Jason Marquis and Daryle Ward this week before turning to the outfield. Free agent Cliff Floyd appears to be a likely target for left field, though center remains a guessing game.

It also says that we are pursing a trade that will not block pie next.. Aaron Rowand, Brady Clark and Rocco Baldelli.. All are decent players but have downfalls, Clark had a down year and didnt look like the guy they had in 04 05, Rowand is a good choice but he and Rocco are right handed bats.. That makes no sense... I rather just get Crawford lol but he is not gonna be traded.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lofton no longer an option...

Foxsports is reporting that Lofton is near a deal with the Rangers, the cubs were after him but the Rangers made a better deal... Its also reported that talks have cooled with Church... So its a strong possibalility that Jones or Soriano will man center for the cubs.. the Cf market is weak but there are reportely some Cf available is via trade, but the price will be steep, such names as Wells( oh god please get him), Crawford( wow i would love him to!), Rowand( not a bad option) and Church( not bad, i heard his price is high for him tho)

I think we are in for a suprise.. Jim has to have some plan for a trade of some sort.. we have young pitching to give and bullpen so lets just see what Jim has planned

Marquis. Floyd. Lofton a target? Jones wanting out of chicago?,CST-SPT-deluca10.article

The sun-times has some intresting info this afternoon-

Once the Marquis signing is complete, the Cubs will turn their attention toward acquiring a center fielder to keep the job warm until prospect Felix Pie is ready by midseason or 2008. New manager Lou Piniella still wants more help on his bench, and free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd remains a strong possibility.

Im still glad we are pursing floyd.. He would be valubale off the bench and provide nothing but help to this team not to mention if heathy can belt 25 hr!!! The cubs are still working minor details out with Marquis but it is basically a done deal.. If the cubs are looking for a center fielder i vote Lofton(which is a favorite) or via trade Church.. My dream would be Crawford but that will cost too much

Right fielder Jacque Jones has indicated a desire to be traded, and the Cubs will look for a deal that makes sense. If Jones is dealt, the Cubs are expected to sign Floyd.

Jones obviously doesnt want to be in chicago.. He complains about fans and wanted Dusty to stay... Now saying that we shouldnt just give him away.. He has alot of trade value with the numbers he put up.. I say give the Rays a call and see if they want Jones along with young pitching for Crawford.. It couldnt hurt to ask.