Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lofton no longer an option...

Foxsports is reporting that Lofton is near a deal with the Rangers, the cubs were after him but the Rangers made a better deal... Its also reported that talks have cooled with Church... So its a strong possibalility that Jones or Soriano will man center for the cubs.. the Cf market is weak but there are reportely some Cf available is via trade, but the price will be steep, such names as Wells( oh god please get him), Crawford( wow i would love him to!), Rowand( not a bad option) and Church( not bad, i heard his price is high for him tho)

I think we are in for a suprise.. Jim has to have some plan for a trade of some sort.. we have young pitching to give and bullpen so lets just see what Jim has planned

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Anonymous said...

Although, I would have liked to see Lofton in center, I really like the idea of keeping Jones. He was more productive offensively last year than anyone thought he would be. We need to left-handed power bat. Traditionally he has been healthier than Floyd has been, defensively he gets to more balls than Floyd does.
I think the Cubs will be ok,with Jones if his shoulder heals.
Put Murton in left, Soriano in center (because of his speed and ability to cover the gaps) leave Jones in right and pray that he can throw this year. Use Ward and hopefully Floyd off the bench.