Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cubbie rumors slowing down

Hey everyone.. It looks like some of the rumors are finally slowing down... The cubs plan to announce Ward, Marquis, and Lilly this week... Cliff FLoyd is also suppose to make a decision on where he wants to go... my bet is chicago.

The cubs still havent made a move for center but it looks more and more like Jones or Pie will be in center for us in 07... Some other options have been mentioned such as Rowand, Church, Rocco, Finley, and Coco... Names that are availiable but expensive are AJones, Wells, and Crawford.. Names not really thrown around yet but look for them to start coming up like Bernie Williams, Wille Taveras, and Eric Byrnes... I dont know who will be our center fielder but Hendry just says he wants a stop gap until Pie is ready and that left when Lofton signed so the only players left to do that stop gap are Wells, Williams and Finley... The rest have years on there contract or are young and would block Pie... They only player i would trade for out of the bunch would be Crawford.. He is young and cheap, hits 300 avg, decent power 20hr, 30 SB, and a great glove... I would take him over the rent a players of Wells and Jones... Plus this way you could trade Pie in that deal and not have to wonder if he is ready.. or if he is not.. or is he gonna be great or is he gonna be a bust.. Having said that none of these players will come cheap especially Jones, Crawford, and Wells..

It will be intresting how all this plays out..


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