Friday, December 15, 2006

Cubs could look at Cory Sullivan??

The rockies have alot of outfielders and not enough spots.. This is very intriguing because the only true cf left on the market is Finley... The rockies may shop Taveras but also could see what Sullivan could get them.. the cubs could take a look at both the Rocky Mountain news stats... Heres Sullivan's stats-

Not a bad player and he is a Lefty!!!! cubs should offer Guzman and Cedeno and see if they can get him!!!

Now having said that... if he is at all expensive then just give jones or pie the job in center.. i think both would do a decent job.. more jones offensivly and pie for the defense!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ewwww, theres no way the Cubs include Guzman in a deal for Sullivan. If with Guzman struggles last season, and some injuries in the past. There is no way there going to trade him, unless they get a quality player in return.

Ronny Cedeno alone should be enough for Sullivan.