Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cubs searching for assistant gm, left handed outfielder... but not pitching

The daily herald had some good things today.. It said we are in the proccess of finishing up the Marquis deal(pending a physical).. It also stats that were done looking at pitching( words that came directly out of Jimbo's mouth).. The cubs have made it known that they want Cliff Floyd, wether its a bench player, platoon, or to replace JJ if he is traded... Him and Jim have had a good friendship since he tried to recruited him to Creighton... It is still rumored that we are very close to signing him to a one year deal.. Jim also might be in the market for a CF until Mr. Pie is ready... He remains to say he want a stop gap until he is ready and pry wont see any CF action until Spring Training.. if any at all.


Anonymous said...

Jim didn't draft Cliff out of high school. He recruited him to Creighton when he was the head coach. Floyd was drafted in the 1st round and didn't attend Creighton.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would have rather acquired G;oad instead of Floyd. We had some pitchers who should have been of interest to the Sox.

cubsfan82 said...

im not a big fan of gload... plus i think we need to hold on to our pitching until spring training or the trade deadline or until someone big becomes availiable..

he does have good numbers but im a floyd fan!! just my opinion tho