Friday, December 15, 2006

Cubs looking at Willie

Thanks to several posters and emailers for this info.. is reporting that wille taveras could be delt soon and the cubs and marlins are very intrested.. Taveras has a good glove and is ok with the bat.. but he is a right hander... we need a lefty center fielder i think but he is a good player.. If we dont give alot up i say get him but if the Rox ask for too much just start Pie in center.. There pretty simular players except Wille has played in the majors and Pie hasent... I say give the kid a shot over Willie. but thats my opinion!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't find where it says the cubs might try to get Willie Tavares.

cubsfan82 said...

its off of there now it was on there like yesterday or the day before.. i cant find it now either.. sorry, but theres alot of people on the boards that can back me up on it