Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Levine, Spring Battles, and More....

Here is the latest from Levine and other notes-

- Johnson and Perez will battle for the 5th outfielder spot on the roster. Johnson provides the Cubs with experience, leadership, and an overall clubhouse/team chemistry. While Perez gives the Cubs something Johnson does not have and that is speed. It is a toss up on who will make the team but according to Levine, Perez has options so that give Johnson an edge. Unless there is an injury, both will not make the team.

- The Cubs feel McNutt has more upside than recently traded Chris Archer.

- Levine says don’t worry about early errors but pay attention to the defense of DeWitt and Castro.

- Soriano’s legs are the best they have been since 2008.

- Coleman will likely start in AAA.

- Levine sees Koyie Hill as the backup catcher.

- Matt Szczur looks like the real deal but it is still too early to get excited.

- Angel Guzman will not be on the ML roster until he proves his arm his strong and healthy.

- Barney and Ojeda will battle for the backup infielder position. Much like the outfield battle both players have pros and cons.

- Soto feels great and wants to hit the 85 RBI mark this season.

- Vitters can hit in the majors but cannot handle a defensive position.

- Levine sees Jackson starting in AA.

- Levine thinks Silva will make the rotation.

- Levine sees Cashner as a good starter if he can tame his wildness.

Other Notes...

- The Sun-Times said one of the two spots in the rotation is Andrew Cashner’s to lose.

- Fukudome will likely leadoff when he plays.

- Colvin will play some 1st base this week.

- The first round of cuts will likely happen on March 16th

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming Up...

For the next month HSC will do weekly updates on Spring Training games. Anything from who is hot and who is not, what the stats say, who may make the team, who may not, who maybe traded, etc... Of course if any Cubs related rumors and worthly notes come across they will be updated to you when I hear it.

If you want to get the most up to date information on Spring Training games and info please visit our friends at CCO.com. No one does Spring Training games better than ChicagoCubsOnline!

With that said, Chicgo Cubs Baseball is on the Air!!!!