Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wood Great in Rehab Start!

Thanks to MLB.COM-

CHICAGO -- Kerry Wood made his first Minor League rehab outing on Saturday in Mesa, Ariz., and struck out the side. That's good news for the Cubs.
Wood has been on the disabled list since the start of the regular season with tendinitis in his right shoulder. He did pitch in Spring Training, totaling five innings over five games. But the right-hander, who won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 1998, had to be shut down because of his cranky right shoulder.
On Saturday in Mesa, pitching for the Cubs' Rookie League team against San Francisco's squad, he threw 14 pitches and struck out all three batters he faced.
"Kerry has worked hard," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Saturday. "Let him work. Let him keep working at his own pace. Let's not rush him and see where that takes us.
"He's a good young man," Piniella said of the right-hander, who turned 30 on June 16. "It'd be a really good feel-good story, No. 1, and more important than that, it would be a story that would help our situation down the road."
When Wood does come back, he'll pitch strictly in relief and not as a starter. He came back last season as a starter and was 1-2 with a 4.12 ERA in four games but had to be shut down because of problems with his shoulder. Wood, who had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder in August 2005, has a career 71-56 record and 3.68 ERA.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cuban's bid Leaked????

According to several sources the Cuban bid has been leaked already. The "bid" Cuban has placed is leaked to be 1.4 billion dollars. That is a very large bid and it is expected that many other investors will make a bid but will it be more than 1.4 Billion?

The majority of investors intrested in the cubs have a net worth around 2.5 billion. Would the inverstor be able to outbid Cuban's leaked 1.4 billion dollar bid? I honestly dont think so and hope they dont. The Cubs need an owner like Cuban. He spares no expense when it comes to winning( which is starting to earn him the nickname young Stienbrenner), he is very invloved with the team, fans, and players, he is one of the most passionate and smart men in the US today. And I know I would be honered to call him the owner of the Cubs!

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, has submitted his bid to purchase the Chicago Cubs!

How one goes about sending in an application to buy a Major League Baseball franchise is a mystery to those of us who aren't in the ballclub-acquisition business. By fax? By standard mail? Or is there an on-line form?

Controversial Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Thursday that he has submitted his application to purchase the Cubs. He said he believed he sent it in last week, though he wasn't sure. Dates don't matter anyway. What matters is that he's officially serious about buying the valuable, championship-starved franchise on the North Side.

For those Cubs fans who are excited about the possibility of a free-spending owner taking over their beloved team, the news that Cuban formally has taken the first step in the bid process is huge.

But it's hard to shake the image of Commissioner Bud Selig holding Cuban's application by his thumb and index finger, and at arm's length, as if he were holding a rat by the tail. That's probably unfair to Cuban, who runs a successful NBA franchise, but it seems to sum up baseball's general estimation of him.

This sentence ran in a Tribune story Thursday about a potential ownership bid by the Ricketts family, whose estimated worth of $2.3 billion was built on its Internet-based discount brokerage: "And while Internet billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has expressed interest, most observers think Major League Baseball would balk at a potential owner as unpredictable and outspoken as Cuban.

"I e-mailed Cuban to get a response to that sentence—a sentence that wasn't a whole lot different than what I've been hearing since Tribune Co. announced in April it intended to sell the Cubs.

"I never comment on 'most observers' reports," Cuban said. "It's like responding to a random blog post, a waste of time.

"I told him the sentence in the story seemed to capture the sentiment of him among baseball people.

"Sentiment?" he said. "Hearsay of hearsay of hearsay doesn't deserve a response either.

"He's right about the hearsay. It's not always true. But I'll say what I hear from people who are close to Selig: Baseball doesn't like Cuban. It doesn't like the fact he has had to pay about $1.5 million in fines for criticizing the NBA and its referees, among other sins. It can't imagine what he would do around umpires, a notoriously grumpy group. Baseball doesn't like the perception that Cuban wants to be the star of the show. It doesn't like the thought of Cuban as ringmaster of the Wrigley circus.

Again, hearsay. About as good hearsay as you can get, but hearsay. What Cuban brings to the table is an armored bank truck. Forbes estimates his worth at $2.3 billion. He has a reputation as an owner who doesn't spare expenses when it comes to building a team or taking care of his players.

Selig has a fairly easy out if he's looking for one regarding Cuban. He has said the prospect of local ownership will weigh heavily in the selection process. John Canning, who heads a private-equity firm based in Chicago, is considered a strong candidate. Other potential candidates include Chicago Wolves owner Don Levin, as well as a partnership of Chicago attorney Thomas Mandler and businessman Jim Anixter.

The Ricketts' bid will be led by Tom Ricketts, who earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago. The family is based in Omaha.

The Ricketts family reportedly is readying its application. Cuban's is already on someone's desk at MLB headquarters

.At a minimum, he could help drive up the sale price of the franchise, which some experts believe could top $1 billion.

It's hard to picture Bulls and White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, who has seen Cuban's act in the NBA, remaining quiet during the bid process. It's one thing to have to deal with Cuban as a fellow owner; it's another to have to deal with him as a fellow owner in the same city. Selig takes his cue from the owners and is especially close to Reinsdorf. It's true there's a "Cub" in Cuban's name. It's also true there's a "ban." Stay tuned.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rumor and News overload!

There is alot of rumors and some news out there today. First the news-

- Soto was called up today and Pie was sent down. The cubs will carry three catchers for some dumb reason and they send down a young kid who deserves to play CF everyday.

And now for the numerous rumors-

- Arod is expect not to negotiate thru the season. If the Yanks want to keep him they will have to negotiate with him after the season Boras said. Boras also said he will be the first 30 million dollar a year man. I believe him and expect the cubs along with other big market teams to make a push.

- The cubs are still trying to shop Jones. The Twins are very interested but they want the cubs to pay the majority of the contract. The cubs seem unwilling to do that ( they should just trade him and pay him, let Pie play). The A's, Marlins, Rangers, and White Sox remain interested.

- Griffey to the cubs?? Don't count it out-

I'm assuming they mean the Cubs because him going to the cheap ass Sox wouldn't make sense considering they want to get rid of TI and Dye and maybe Vazquez.

Griffey would look damn good in cubbie blue!

-Bruce Levine on ESPN Radio 1000 that the Cubs have 3 serious bidders for Cesar Izturis. He said if Cesar is traded Cedeno would be called back up from Iowa. I don't think the cubs would call up Cedeno, why would they want to get another youngster up here to sit on the bench. Stick with the Three headed Monster in the MI ( Derosa, Theriot, and Font).

There is all the rumors for today. Interesting to see if these Rumors have any truth to them!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cubs looking for a righty bat

Chicago-Sun Times:

PITTSBURGH -- Another rough day scoring runs, in particular against a left-hander, has the Cubs looking even a little harder at trying to add a right-handed hitter to the roster before they resume play Friday.
The Cubs had a 4-3 road trip against bad teams in Washington and Pittsburgh but blew a chance to gain at least another game on first-place Milwaukee in the division-- mostly because they were held to six runs combined in the three losses.
And two of those losses came against left-handers as the Cubs fell to 8-14 when a lefty starts for the opponent. They are hitting just .243 against lefties (.277 against righties).
''[General manager Jim Hendry] and I will talk during the All-Star break,'' manager Lou Piniella said, ''and see if we can look at the possibility of getting a right-handed batter in here so it can help us out against left-handed pitching.''

As I said before, I feel the cubs need another right handed bat to platoon in RF with Floyd. I also feel the cubs need an everyday CF and I think Pie is the answer but here is a list of OFers that are righthanded that can handle lefthanded pitching-

Wily Mo Pena- He is a young right hander with raw power. He will be really cheap trade wise and could be the perfect platoon partner with Floyd in RF

Jermaine Dye- Another solid right handed bat who will be a free agent at the end of the season. Kenny Williams is asking for 2 of the 3 top prospects in the organization for Dye. This means Veal, Gallagher, Pie, Hill, Marshall, Epatt, Theriot, or Cedeno in a deal.

Austin Kearns- Having a down year. He is also young, hit great at Wrigley. He also could be expensive considering there GM want the world for his players.

Mike Cameron- Free agent after the season. Decent speed, great defense, good righty bat, and would look good in the #2 hole. He also has power and could play RF or CF for the cubbies. He is hitting .357 against lefties. He could be the answer, he also could cost alot.

Aaron Rowand- Just an all around good player both defensively and offensively. Would be really expensive

Carl Crawford- Another guy out of our reach but I would absolutely love to have him. This won't happen but I put it on here for the hell of it.

Craig Monroe- Raw power. .331 average against leftys. Don't know if he is available but we should give the Tigers a call.

Jonny Gomes- Smashed leftys, he could cost a pretty penny.

Another way to get a righty bat in the lineup is to maybe considering getting a defensive catcher with a decent bat. Here is a list of some catchers-

Ryan Doumit- Good defensive catcher that has a really good bat. Would cost alot to get him to.

Ramon Hernandez- Good defensive catcher and decent offensively but not showing it this year. I think we could work another deal with the O's.

Yadier Molina- He is one of two catchers that I would give up alot to get. I know he is a cardinal but he in my opinion is one of the best defensive catchers in the league.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia- To be honest I think this guy is the answer to alot of our problems. A young switch hitting C, who is tremendous defensivly. Got great pop and is only like 21 years old. He could be the catcher for now and the future!