Friday, July 13, 2007

Cuban's bid Leaked????

According to several sources the Cuban bid has been leaked already. The "bid" Cuban has placed is leaked to be 1.4 billion dollars. That is a very large bid and it is expected that many other investors will make a bid but will it be more than 1.4 Billion?

The majority of investors intrested in the cubs have a net worth around 2.5 billion. Would the inverstor be able to outbid Cuban's leaked 1.4 billion dollar bid? I honestly dont think so and hope they dont. The Cubs need an owner like Cuban. He spares no expense when it comes to winning( which is starting to earn him the nickname young Stienbrenner), he is very invloved with the team, fans, and players, he is one of the most passionate and smart men in the US today. And I know I would be honered to call him the owner of the Cubs!

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