Monday, July 09, 2007

Cubs looking for a righty bat

Chicago-Sun Times:

PITTSBURGH -- Another rough day scoring runs, in particular against a left-hander, has the Cubs looking even a little harder at trying to add a right-handed hitter to the roster before they resume play Friday.
The Cubs had a 4-3 road trip against bad teams in Washington and Pittsburgh but blew a chance to gain at least another game on first-place Milwaukee in the division-- mostly because they were held to six runs combined in the three losses.
And two of those losses came against left-handers as the Cubs fell to 8-14 when a lefty starts for the opponent. They are hitting just .243 against lefties (.277 against righties).
''[General manager Jim Hendry] and I will talk during the All-Star break,'' manager Lou Piniella said, ''and see if we can look at the possibility of getting a right-handed batter in here so it can help us out against left-handed pitching.''

As I said before, I feel the cubs need another right handed bat to platoon in RF with Floyd. I also feel the cubs need an everyday CF and I think Pie is the answer but here is a list of OFers that are righthanded that can handle lefthanded pitching-

Wily Mo Pena- He is a young right hander with raw power. He will be really cheap trade wise and could be the perfect platoon partner with Floyd in RF

Jermaine Dye- Another solid right handed bat who will be a free agent at the end of the season. Kenny Williams is asking for 2 of the 3 top prospects in the organization for Dye. This means Veal, Gallagher, Pie, Hill, Marshall, Epatt, Theriot, or Cedeno in a deal.

Austin Kearns- Having a down year. He is also young, hit great at Wrigley. He also could be expensive considering there GM want the world for his players.

Mike Cameron- Free agent after the season. Decent speed, great defense, good righty bat, and would look good in the #2 hole. He also has power and could play RF or CF for the cubbies. He is hitting .357 against lefties. He could be the answer, he also could cost alot.

Aaron Rowand- Just an all around good player both defensively and offensively. Would be really expensive

Carl Crawford- Another guy out of our reach but I would absolutely love to have him. This won't happen but I put it on here for the hell of it.

Craig Monroe- Raw power. .331 average against leftys. Don't know if he is available but we should give the Tigers a call.

Jonny Gomes- Smashed leftys, he could cost a pretty penny.

Another way to get a righty bat in the lineup is to maybe considering getting a defensive catcher with a decent bat. Here is a list of some catchers-

Ryan Doumit- Good defensive catcher that has a really good bat. Would cost alot to get him to.

Ramon Hernandez- Good defensive catcher and decent offensively but not showing it this year. I think we could work another deal with the O's.

Yadier Molina- He is one of two catchers that I would give up alot to get. I know he is a cardinal but he in my opinion is one of the best defensive catchers in the league.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia- To be honest I think this guy is the answer to alot of our problems. A young switch hitting C, who is tremendous defensivly. Got great pop and is only like 21 years old. He could be the catcher for now and the future!

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Kamel said...

Wily Mo is a possibility. I think the Red Sox are trying to dump him, especially since they have JD Drew takin up the majority of the playing time in RF.

I wouldnt mind Dye, but like Sosa, a defensive liability, and Kenny, like seemingly all the GMs this July, are asking for too much.

Kearns is struggling but does have pop potential and there is always the theory that hitting down in the order in a line up that reads Soriano, D Lee, and Ramirez could take some pressure of him.

Love Cameron's defense and his pop, but the Padres are in position to make the play offs and they aren't going to deal him.

Ditto Rowand and Monroe.

I dont see the Rays trading their youthful OFs.

Ditto the young catchers.

I like R Hernandez. And the Orioles aren't going anywhere. Dont know what it would take though. We already fleeced them for Fontenot.

I like Molina too, but unless Big Z has some inside info, I dont see the Cards trading him in division, much less to a hate rival.