Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prior does better, Marlins intrested in Pagan, and other Cubs tidbits

So it seems Miller has a big leg up on the fifth spot now in the rotation. Guzman did not fair well yesterday and Prior did better on the mound but they were against AA guys, he should get use pitching to AAA guys tho because Iowa is where I think he will start the season now.
Yesterday Prior threw 68 pitches, 45 for strikes in Fitch Park. Meanwhile Marquis, the big surprise of the Spring, threw 86 pitches in 5 innings. Prior's velocity is still not up but he is at least getting his breaking pitches over for strikes. He is doing better but as far as him ready for the beginning of the season, I don't think he is ready.

According to Rotoworld-

"The Marlins are considering making an offer for Angel Pagan, perhaps using shortstop prospect Robert Andino as bait,'s Ken Rosenthal reports."

This would be a bad trade. Pagan has alot of upside to his game and Andino does not. We already have Andino his name is Cedeno. Here is Andino stats for last year-

He is young with no ML experience so I don't know how shipping Pagan for him is helping us any. Now if they want Pagan then I want Hanley( which will never happen). Or how about sending Nalasco back over? Besides the obvious players there is no one on the Marlins I would want for Pagan.

Here is the box score link to the Cubs and Sox game-

- Murton homered, his 3rd of ST
- Guzman struggled giving up 5 ER of 3 innings
- Cubs came back in the 9th to tie it on a McGehee's 3 run double
- Pie had some nice plays in CF today


Update on Renteria rumors-

I got an email saying the deal went dead when the Braves wanted minor league prospect Donald Veal in the deal. Veal, who could be in the rotation next year, was the deal breaker. I don't blame the Cubs for not doing that deal. If they think Renteria( who is a damn great player) is worth Veal, Izzy, and Jones there crazy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

More Cubbie Notes-

Here some notes of interest yesterday-

1. Wood has a tweak in his triceps and is said to be day to day. He will likely be off for a few days then go on the mound. I don't think its anything serious.

2.Sean Marshall pitched 2 innings at Fitch yesterday throwing 30 pitches. He is trying to get his arm strength up again.

3. Floyd continues his hot streak blasting a 3 run HR in the first inning against the M's. If he continues to do this expect him to be in the starting lineup opening day! A healthy Floyd will give you .280 25hr 80 rbi.

4. Lee started at first yesterday and has no lingering effects of the tweak in his groin.

5. This quote tells you that Lou isn't gonna baby players-

"He needs to play," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "He's missed three, four days. You really don't want to miss three, four days in Spring Training."

6. Here is the link to the box score yesterday-

-Lilly fell behind alot of hitters yesterday but came out of it with a win. Lilly's ERA is 2.08!
- Soriano had a 3 for 3 day with 2 runs. His average is up to .333.
- Aram is hitting the ball well this Spring. .464 is his avg.

7. Unless Prior looks great today or Cotts shows more promise starting in games, expect your 5th starter to be between Guzman and Miller. Should be interesting to see how it works out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Offday cubs notes

Here is some notes from the Cubs front today-

1. Dempster is joined other Cubs to help with Project 3000. He will give $50,000 to Project 3000, plus $1,000 for each save.

2. Lou has said that his starting CF for opening day is Soriano.

3. It is possible that Prior will start in AAA Iowa at the beginning of the year. This depending on his minor league game which was pushed back to Friday. There is also a possibility he starts the season on the DL, AGAIN!

4. Barry Praver and Jim will likely meet this Saturday to get a long term deal done with Big Z.

5. Mlbtraderumors has said that the cubs are inquiring about Braves utility man Chris Woodward.
----- I still have faith in the emailer that said the Cubs are trying to acquire Renteria, we will see what comes of this.

6. Miller has leg up on 5th spot in rotation. Was hitting 87-88 mph on his fastball last start. Topping out at 90 mph. Looks like his velocity is coming back. Also Lou has set his 4 man rotation so far.

1.Big Z
2. Lilly
3. Marquis
4. Hill

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cubs looking for a middle infielder?? Other Cubs Notes and the Boxscore.


Cubs Looking For Middle Infielder
According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are trying to acquire another middle infielder so that they can play Mark DeRosa and Ryan Theriot simultaneously. I'm not a big believer in Theriot's offense, but preventing Jacque Jones from facing lefties is long overdue.
This may be related to the
vague rumor I mentioned yesterday, that the Cubs had a scout at a recent Jays/Braves game. Just a guess, but maybe the Cubs have their eye on 23 year-old second baseman Martin Prado? I don't know - neither of these teams is stocked with middle infield depth. Why not just use Eric Patterson?

As my emailer mentioned yesterday that the cubs are interested in trading for Renteria. Martin Prado is still a possibility. Having him is not much of an upgrade to EPatt just like MLBtraderumors says. Should be interesting how this unfolds!


Here are some more Cubs notes for today-

1. Jim Hendry is expected to resume talks with Z's agent this weekend in order to get a deal finalized by openinig day( which is 19 days from now)

2.Piniella changed his rotation order for the regular season, inserting Jason Marquis in the No. 3 spot between Ted Lilly and Rich Hill. Previously, Marquis was in the fifth spot, and the No. 3 spot was left open for the winner of the Prior-Wade Miller-Angel Guzman battle.Piniella said he doesn't think he'll skip the No. 5 spot for the first week, despite an off day.

3. Prior to pitch in minors at Fitch park on Friday.


Here is the Cubs box score against the Dbacks-

Pie went 2 for 4, he stays hot batting .344 this Spring

Miller pitched 4 innings gave up 5 hits and 2 runs but did strike out 5


Monday, March 12, 2007

Update on Trade Rumor-

Here you go, I just got a tip from an anonymous emailer. The Cubs have been in fact scouting many teams. Which is not really uncommon, all clubs have scouts checking out games. But what my emailer had to say was pretty interesting, here it is-

I have a source that says the Cub's scouts have been to 3 Braves games. The Houston, Washington, and Toronto games. All 3 of those games had Renteria starting. My source says that the Chicago Cubs are trying to swing a deal that would send Renteria to the Cubs. The deal would likely send Jones and Izturis and a pitcher to Atlanta for Edgar. The Cubs are extremely impressed with Pie and want to give him the chance to play everyday in RF for Chicago. If it doesn't work out with Pie they have Floyd who could take over in RF for him.

If this in fact is true and does happen kudos to the emailer and I would love to get his name. The deal does make alot of since besides the fact that I don't see ATL needing another guy in the OF. I don't know how Jones fits there, now Izzy would obviously take the place of Renteria, and the pitcher pry would give them depth since Hampton got hurt but the just signed Redman to a deal so I don't know how that fits. It will be interesting to see how this works out and if its true. I honestly don't see how it can work with Atlanta but stranger things have happened.

Z does it all and falls, plus the cubs box score for today

Here is the cubs and Giants box score link-

For the game, Zambrano gave up two runs on three hits and two walks over four innings, while striking out five. He left Scottsdale Stadium before reporters had a chance to talk to him. He also legged out a double and triple. The Triple was tough becuase he feel between 2nd and 3rd but he is fine. Z is such a competor you gotta love it!

Clifford Floyd made his mark today by hitting a 2 run single on his first at bat.

Lee kinda tweaked his groin but he feels fine now, he even felt fine after he was in the dugout for a while. He tweaked it by sliding to 2nd on a fake throw. Its ST and I feel doing fake throws toward bases is uncalled for! Thats how people get hurt, it is kinda like railroading the catcher in ST.


The cubs make there first cuts today-

Optioned to AAA-Iowa Scott Moore Clay Rapada
Optioned to AA-Tennessee Brian Dopirak
Optioned to A-Daytona Jeff Samardzija

Non-roster invitees returned to Minor League camp

Jason Anderson
Sean Gallagher
Adam Harben
Ben Howard
John Webb
Randy Wells
Mike Kinkade
Eric Patterson
Tyler Colvin
Chris Walker

No real shockers there.

Our spring roster is now at 44.

Cubs could make a trade??

Mlbtraderumors had this to say today- has word from a reputable source that the Cubs are looking to make a deal. They are after one more solid player, but I'm not sure what position they're trying to fill.
A possibly related piece of info is that a Cubs scout was in attendance at
a recent Braves/Blue Jays spring game. That pretty much sums up the extent of what I know; anything else would be speculation.
Browsing that box score, I'm not sure what would make sense. Josh Towers is available and was on display, but how does that help the Cubs? Jason Marquis can already post a 5.50 ERA. The Cubs have Jacque Jones to spare, but neither the Braves not the Jays need a right fielder. Take your best guess in the comments; I really don't know what could be cooking. Please, no Andruw Jones speculation.

This is very interesting.. While MLBtraderumors is speculating on who it could be and mentioning pitchers, I think its going to be a position player. The reason I cant see a pitcher coming to the cubs because we already have the possibility of Guzman, Prior, Cotts, and Miller filling the 5th spot with the other 4 spots already filled. Lou has said he wants a strong bench and tha he would want to carry just 11 or 12 pitchers and with Kincade out for 4 to 6weeks with a broken hand they might be turning to a backup infielder who can play 3rd. Lets check out possibly players on the Braves and Jays.


Wille Aybar- A young stud who has decent power and would fill a great utility roll off the bench. I don't see the Braves trading him because of Chipper Jones has health issues every year.

Edgar Renteria- He wouldn't come off the bench and would also be hard to obtain but if the Cubs could swing a deal for the gold glove, speedy, power hitting SS that would be huge!


Jason Smith- A white Neifi

John McDonald- Not very good either

I honestly think they were scouting the Braves and not the Jays. If the are intrested in pitchers, I really dont know what they are thinking. Should be intresting on what comes of this. Andrew Jones would be great!( only in a Cubs fans dream!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Box score for 3-11-07 and cubs notes

Here is the link to the Cubs win over the Brew Crew-

Colvin, Aram, and Fox had the bats working today. Colvin went 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a RBI, Aram added more offense with 2 hits and a RBI. The big blow today was Jake Fox who only had one at bat and made it count by smacking a 3run HR as a pinch hitter. It was Fox's 2nd homer in 2 days. Fox of course had a meeting with Lou a day ago and expressed how he would move positions if that met he had a better chance to make the ball club. Fox has always had a great bat but his D behind the plate is suspect. I expect him to make the start in AAA Iowa.

As for pitching today Marquis looked terrific again. He pitched 4 innings giving up 1 run on 6 hits and had 2 SO. His era is now 2.00. Also Wood only gave up one hit in an inning of work and Dempster looked good with pitching a flawless inning.


1. Prior will make a minor league start on Thursday at Finch Park. Prior arm feels fine, it is his mechanics he is worried about. Lets see if there is any improvement this time.

2. Lou said he should now his Starting 5 by March 20th. That would give Prior, Miller, Cotts, and Guzman all 1 to 2 more starts.

3. Cliff Floyd will see his first action Tomorrow against the San Francisco which will be televised on CSN.