Friday, March 16, 2007

More Cubbie Notes-

Here some notes of interest yesterday-

1. Wood has a tweak in his triceps and is said to be day to day. He will likely be off for a few days then go on the mound. I don't think its anything serious.

2.Sean Marshall pitched 2 innings at Fitch yesterday throwing 30 pitches. He is trying to get his arm strength up again.

3. Floyd continues his hot streak blasting a 3 run HR in the first inning against the M's. If he continues to do this expect him to be in the starting lineup opening day! A healthy Floyd will give you .280 25hr 80 rbi.

4. Lee started at first yesterday and has no lingering effects of the tweak in his groin.

5. This quote tells you that Lou isn't gonna baby players-

"He needs to play," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "He's missed three, four days. You really don't want to miss three, four days in Spring Training."

6. Here is the link to the box score yesterday-

-Lilly fell behind alot of hitters yesterday but came out of it with a win. Lilly's ERA is 2.08!
- Soriano had a 3 for 3 day with 2 runs. His average is up to .333.
- Aram is hitting the ball well this Spring. .464 is his avg.

7. Unless Prior looks great today or Cotts shows more promise starting in games, expect your 5th starter to be between Guzman and Miller. Should be interesting to see how it works out.

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have you gotten any more sources or rumors about the renteria deal?