Monday, March 12, 2007

Cubs could make a trade??

Mlbtraderumors had this to say today- has word from a reputable source that the Cubs are looking to make a deal. They are after one more solid player, but I'm not sure what position they're trying to fill.
A possibly related piece of info is that a Cubs scout was in attendance at
a recent Braves/Blue Jays spring game. That pretty much sums up the extent of what I know; anything else would be speculation.
Browsing that box score, I'm not sure what would make sense. Josh Towers is available and was on display, but how does that help the Cubs? Jason Marquis can already post a 5.50 ERA. The Cubs have Jacque Jones to spare, but neither the Braves not the Jays need a right fielder. Take your best guess in the comments; I really don't know what could be cooking. Please, no Andruw Jones speculation.

This is very interesting.. While MLBtraderumors is speculating on who it could be and mentioning pitchers, I think its going to be a position player. The reason I cant see a pitcher coming to the cubs because we already have the possibility of Guzman, Prior, Cotts, and Miller filling the 5th spot with the other 4 spots already filled. Lou has said he wants a strong bench and tha he would want to carry just 11 or 12 pitchers and with Kincade out for 4 to 6weeks with a broken hand they might be turning to a backup infielder who can play 3rd. Lets check out possibly players on the Braves and Jays.


Wille Aybar- A young stud who has decent power and would fill a great utility roll off the bench. I don't see the Braves trading him because of Chipper Jones has health issues every year.

Edgar Renteria- He wouldn't come off the bench and would also be hard to obtain but if the Cubs could swing a deal for the gold glove, speedy, power hitting SS that would be huge!


Jason Smith- A white Neifi

John McDonald- Not very good either

I honestly think they were scouting the Braves and not the Jays. If the are intrested in pitchers, I really dont know what they are thinking. Should be intresting on what comes of this. Andrew Jones would be great!( only in a Cubs fans dream!)

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