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The cubs have signed Marquis to a 3 year estimating 20 million sources have learned.. Thats much better than 3years 28million.. Before everyone bashes this signing lets wait to see the lay out of it.. could be 5mill a year with incetives or has an option attached to it.. Lets wait for the details, but you have to admit it Eaton can get 3 year 24 mill for arm troubles.. 3year 20 mill is about the right deal for this market...

Ill say it again.. i like Marquis!

Marquis now a cub????

Jocketty's search intensified as Jason Marquis became the first member of the 2006 rotation to land elsewhere. Marquis, banished from the rotation during the Division Series and excluded from the roster during the NLCS and World Series, accepted a three-year, $28 million bid from the Chicago Cubs. Marquis earned $5.15 million while going 14-16 with a 6.02 ERA.

While i believe that we have signed him or close to it , i dont think its for that much.. I think its just Cards Nation trying to get Cubs Nation up in arms... Heres a snipit from Bruce Miles

Bruce Miles in his column over at the Daily Harold is reporting that there is a DEAL on the table for Marquis. The more accurate deal is 1 yr $4 mill with a vesting option for 2008.

I think St. Louis is just a little jealous about all the move we have been making this offseason..They want us to make a bad deal or overpay for a medicore player.. If i were them i would be pissed too.. Giving Kennedy a deal when there were 2nd baseman out there like Lorretta, Belliard, and Giles via trade... Giving a Relief pitcher in Wheeler a deal to serve up HR to us.. There most significant signing is Wells who at best is a #4 starter, and now they are after Batista.. thats alot of #5 starters in our 5 man rotation.. They still have Pujols, Carpenter, Eckstien, Edmonds and Rolen which are great ball players but having Juan and Duncun starting in there outfield?? thats sad.. im just gonna be happy when were hitting Bombs off there young pitching and 2 #5 starters, hitting routine balls at Rolen and Duncun and having them boot them, and sending them home saying " but we are suppose to be defending world champs"

Thats what i think tho, i could be wrong.

Go Cubs!!

Cubs still want Floyd

The Tribune reports this-

Hendry still is trying to find another free-agent starter, and trying to sign outfielder Cliff Floyd, the former Thornwood star he once recruited as baseball coach at Creighton. But McDonough will ask Hendry to curtail his duties a bit so he can be fully recovered by the start of spring training.

Im glad to see we are still after the chicago native!! One thing that worries me in this article is how everyone want Hendry to relax til spring training.. thats nuts and i doubt Jim does that.. i can see him taking some days off but not that long, you have to be on your game to get the players you want.. I want Jim to get better and the time off is needed, but not til sporing training.. I want Pac-man out there wheeling and dealing!!


In the Daily Herald they had some intresting thoughts.. They still say the cubs #1 project is to get Marquis to fill out the 5th spot in the rotation.. They also say they may entertain a trade for ex-cub Jon Lieber or Brad Penny, if the teams do in fact want to trade them.. I say Jim if i had to pick between those HMM! I think the cubs could put a very attractive package together for Penny.. Maybe a Jones package could do it.. They need a corner outfielder with power and he had a great year last year, not to mention that would give us a great rotation of


Yeah i like that!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Marquis close with the cubs???

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirmed a rumor Bruce Levine first reported yesterday - that Jason Marquis is close to signing with the Cubs.

Like i said I am one of the few that like Marquis... if your intrested why read my other post I wrote on him.

Big Z to get Big $$$$

Here's the post on

Time To Think About Carlos Zambrano
By waiting until after the season to work out an extension for third baseman Aramis Ramirez, the Cubs probably cost themselves millions of dollars. Luckily, they still got him for less than the going rate in the end.
Surely Jim Hendry and Co. are wary of a similar scenario occurring with staff ace
Carlos Zambrano. Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune writes:
"Talks have yet to begin on Zambrano's extension, and probably won't get serious until the start of spring training if the past is any indication."
While some feel that Zambrano's price rose to over $100 million because of recent free agent signings, I would counter that it was $100 million all along. Compare Zambrano to
Barry Zito as the Tribune did.
1. Zambrano is a full three years younger than Zito.2. Zito has six straight seasons of 200+ innings; Zambrano has four.3. In their careers, Zambrano has been tougher to hit, better at home run prevention, and has a significantly better strikeout rate.4. In peripheral stats, Zito's only advantage is mildly better control.
Say for the sake of argument that Zito gets six years, $100MM. In my mind that makes Zambrano in line for at least a seven year, $130MM deal. That would be $18.5MM annually.
Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald even suggests Zambrano could be a $20MM player.
Perhaps the Cubs should move to sign Zambrano before Zito signs, as Zito's contract could be a point of reference for agent Barry Praver. At least Jim Hendry can be relieved that Zambrano fired Scott Boras at the beginning of this year.

I truly think Jim will get a deal done with Zambrano before seasons start... I do think this because he wont make the same mistake he did with Aram this year, if in fact he waits till seasons end that could blow up in his face almost like the Aram situation... Lets say Zambrano wins 15 to 20 games next year, which he will.. his asking price will go upward even more than it was before the season started.. He will be more affordable now than later.. i say give him a 6 year with an option for a 7th... a full no trade clause for the first 5 years... give him alot of incentives( cy young, lead leagues in wins, era, strikeouts etc, mvp, etc). With all incentives the price tag should be 7 years and to make a possiable 130 million... about 17.5 to 18.5 mill a year.. Thats an extremely fair deal considering Clemens got 22 mill for 2/3 the season.. It would be a huge blow to loose him and you know everyone want him and if he did hit the market it would go beyond 18 mill a year!!!

St. louis pitchers and Cubs going to Church

According to the Tribune-

"Options for the Cubs, and the many other teams desperate for starters, have narrowed to a handful, headed by Oakland's Barry Zito, who is probably out of the Cubs' price range, and the Cardinals' trio of Jeff Suppan, Jeff Weaver and Jason Marquis."

I will take any of those pitchers.. I would love to get Zito or Suppan... but both might be headed elsewhere..


Accordinig to many articles(suntimes, Washingtion post etc.)-

The cubs could part with Sean Marshall to get Ryan Church.. he is a very patient hitter and is good defensivly. left handed bat, young only 28, could in fact have a break out season... .366 ObP last year.. i like him and for marshall thats a equall trade... here is a link to his stats-

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Marquis and Hendrickson could be cubs

According to

Mark HendricksonDodgers willing to move him. The Cubs, Jays, and Astros could have some interest

I dont quite understand why we would have intrest in him, how bout penny? Here is his stats thanks to

According to

Jason Marquis, RHSP--St. Louis Cardinals
He appears set to sign a 3-year, $27-30M deal with the Cubs. The Pirates had also expressed interest. He had been seeking 3-years, $30M to 4-years, $36M.

Not a bad deal at all, he is a work horse.. He gives you alot of innings and could battle for the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation.. Alot of fans dont like him but i do and here is why-

He pitched 194.1 innings last year.. we need that on our team.. He has alot of decisions which means he at least keeps your team in games and doesnt loose things bad.. He went 14-16 last year.. That would have been 2nd on our team in wins!!! He has a career 56-52 with a 4.55 Era which is better than alot of free agents on the market. He had 33 GS and 30 decisions. He is only 28 years old and for 3 years 27 million is a deal in my opinion. Oh and he is 21 and 13 in day games.. favor Wrigley.. I like him and thats why i wouldnt mind him to be in cubbie blue.

Updates... Ward a cub... etc...

All this info is from

Hendry also was close to reaching a deal with free agent Daryle Ward, which would give the Cubs some backup at first base and in the outfield and provide a key left-handed bat off the bench. Ward hit .308 with seven home runs and 26 RBIs in 98 games for the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves last season.

This is a key move, Ward kills Rhp and is more of a first baseman than outfield so there is still hope for you Floyd lovers out there like myself..

We've had a lot of discussions with a lot of people over a lot of players," Hughes said. "There's more stuff that has to be done. Knowing Jim, it usually happens sooner rather than later."

I just love this quote and you gotta love Pac-man.

They dealt outfielder Freddie Bynum to the Orioles for Minor League right-hander Kevin Hart.

Dont know much on Hart but he is that PTBNL we got from the O's.

Good overall winter meetings... Get well Jim!

Intresting tibit in

Cubs Still Pursuing Gil Meche
Jim Hendry said all along he wanted to acquire two, or even three starters this winter. True to his word, the Cubs are still pursuing Gil Meche after inking Ted Lilly. (By the way, Hendry is said to be fine and should be out of the hospital Thursday morning).
Keep in mind that
Alfonso Soriano's contract is backloaded. Sori makes only $9MM in 2007, meaning the Cubs still have money to burn for Meche (note: I am unsure how Sori's $8MM signing bonus is paid out). Hendry would probably have no problem tossing another $5MM to Cliff Floyd for old times' sake, too. Hell, maybe the Cubs even go out and sign a third free agent starter to really cover themselves. It's not like Lilly and Meche are horses.
CubDumb spoke to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune today. Seems that the Cubs were going to get Lilly, no matter what it took.



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hendry in Hospital?

According to the front page-

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was hospitalized Wednesday for observation after feeling ill, team officials said.
Hendry, 51, had gone into a local hospital for observation and Cubs team physician Dr. Stephen Adams recommended that he be kept overnight for observation and further tests.
Team officials would not reveal any other details..

I have heard reports on the radio its Flu like symptoms and Indigestion... He has been a busy man and it looks like on the way to the hospital he got the deal with Lilly done.. lol way to go Hendry.. Get Well

Bynum traded to O's.

Not big news but announced on the Score with the Lilly signing that Fast Freddie is traded to the O's for PTBNL.. Maybe that player is Tejeda?? lol we can only dream!!


According to

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Cubs continued their off-season spending spree Wednesday, reaching preliminary agreement with free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly on a four-year, $40 million contract, has learned.
Lilly, who turns 31 on Jan. 4, becomes the Cubs' first major pitching acquisition. The team has now signed seven free agents for a total of $272.5 million, spending $251 million alone on Lilly, third baseman Aramis Ramirez and outfielder Alfonso Soriano.
The Blue Jays badly wanted to retain Lilly, who went 15-13 last season with a 4.31 ERA. They are now battling with the Cubs over right-hander Gil Meche. Both teams entered Wednesday with the goal of signing both pitchers.
Lilly, 59-58 lifetime with a 4.60 ERA, will join a Cubs' rotation that already includes right-hander Carlos Zambrano and left-hander Rich Hill. The Cubs are not counting on right-hander Mark Prior, figuring that if healthy, he would be a bonus.

Good move in my opinion, 4 years 40 mill is gonna be adverage for a #3 or 4 pitcher these days.. One thing is stated is that we are still actively pursing Meche, who im a huge fan of... I think Lilly will do good in the adverage hitting central compared to the Beefy AL teams.. decent pick up!!!!! Next on the list please...

Not new news to me...

.. But this was on

Rosenthal's Latest Update
Ken Rosenthal has some fresh hot stove for us.
He says that the Cubs are still going after both Ted Lilly and Gil Meche. They are also looking into outfielders Kenny Lofton, Cliff Floyd, and Ryan Church. It's a little early in Matt Murton's career to be platooning him, yes?
Rosenthal adds the Mariners to the Miguel Batista suitors. The Cards and Royals and also still in the mix.
Posted on December 06, 2006 at 03:22 PM
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It was in the papers this mornining and we have heard these names alot this week and some in the past months... but i thought to post it because it was from Rosenthal..

Schmidt a Dodger...

Im glad the Cards didnt get him, im sad the cubs didnt get him.. But i think he wanted to stay on the west coast the whole time..

Cubs or Yanks? Lilly who do your choose?

The cubs and yanks are the two remanding teams standing in the Lilly race.. There meeting with the Yanks tonight and an announcement could be made as soon as tonight.. I hope he lands with the cubs!!!

Jones Rumors, Lofton, adding 2 pitchers, Floyd, and bench help??

According to the daily southtown and the herald that the Jones for Jennings trade period is dead... in fact it wasent even disscussed, it was a thought by an espn analyst and had no legs.. just wanted to update that previous rumor.

Also according to the dallas star-
The cubs and Rangers are the only teams activly talking to Kenny Lofton
Accoarding to the daily Hearld-

Many observers believed the Cubs could add either one top-drawer name such as Schmidt or two midlevel free agents such as Meche and Lilly. Hendry wouldn’t differentiate Tuesday.
“I could see a scenario where two pitchers could be added,” was all he offered.

This blurb from Jim says alot. I bet we sign or have to pitchers added by Sunday at the latest..

Cliff coming? Jim Hendry acknowledged that he has taken the next step toward procuring free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd. Hendry said he has requested the medical reports on Floyd, who underwent Achilles’ tendon surgery after his season with the New York Mets

I love Floyd, he would be a great platoon and good at first when Lee needs a break..

Cubs sources also confirmed the club has interest in Washington outfielder Ryan Church and free-agent outfielder-infielder Daryle Ward. Both bat left-handed.

I liked Ward when he was with the Pirates and Church is a good player, i see these being worked out if Floyd doesnt come or if Hendry doesnt think Bynum is ready or mybe just a replacement for John Mabry.

Meche and Lilly almost cubs???,CST-SPT-cub06.article

The Cubs are closing in on a multiyear contract for free-agent right-hander Gil Meche and have emerged as the front-runners for free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly, who might make a decision by today.

''I've talked to Gil Meche over the weekend in New York,'' Piniella said. ''I had a nice conversation with him and told him about the fact that Chicago will be a wonderful place for him to pitch, we are familiar with him there and that we really liked him.

If we landed both Meche and Lilly it would be 2 of the top 6 pitchers on the market, adding to landing Sori and Aram the 2 top postion players on the market!!! If Hendry gets this done, no matter the cost, you cant complain and say he is settling for Medicore talent.. Get it done Jim!!!!!!

Lugo, Drew, and Maddux off the market..

I know this is a cubs rumors and news site and you all probably already know this but Lugo and Drew went to Boston and Maddog decided to stay on the west coast and sign a deal with the Pads.. You gotta believe Maddux will put up great numbers at Petco..

Hopefully we get a cubs news rather than rumors today.. Come on Jim get us our pitching!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rowand and cubs could be a match... message board

from Winter Meeting Whispers Day 2
Aaron Rowand of the Phils could be a target for the Cubs,who are seeking a centerfielder.

I would love to see Rowand out there.. He would be a great cf for us and you gotta believe he would give us some highlights out there.. How bout Jones and young pitcher for Rowand? See if this rumor get legs.

Lilly to Cubs very close..

I had this emailed to me and i also found it on espn message board so check it out-

The Cubs have moved to the front of the line for Ted Lilly's services, according to his agent:"Our talks with the Cubs are becoming more advanced," agent Larry O'Brien told a throng of reporters. "They've indictated that they're willing to pay what needs to be paid."If we have learned nothing else this week, we have learned that Ted Lilly has a very talkative agent.

Sounds like Lilly might be ready to sign on the line and play with the cubs according to this.. gotta say this is a decent move.. lefty pitching is always good and the cubs will get there #3 or #4 starter.. Jim has been very aggressive this offseason and i wouldnt be suprised if he gets his rotation set up by Sunday!!

Ryno to coach Peoria!

Sandberg was named Tuesday as the manager for the Cubs' Class A Peoria Chiefs. Sandberg follows his former Cubs teammate Jody Davis, who managed the Chiefs for one season and was assigned to the Class A Daytona team for 2007.

according to

Schmidt, Lilly, and Hendry not leaving empty handed,051spt3.article
Interesting news from the Southtown-

ESPN reported Monday that the Cubs were close to signing Ted Lilly to a four-year deal, and there was buzz around the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort, where the meetings are being held, that the deal was done.
Hendry said "that was not true at all." He said he had not talked with Lilly's agent, Larry O'Brien, on Monday.

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry spoke with representatives for Jason Schmidt on Monday and "left the communications open."

I dont buy what Hendry is saying here.. I do think the cubs and Lilly are close to a deal but Lillys agent is just going back for counter offers from other teams today. My feeling is you will hear today or tomarrow that Lilly has signed with the cubs, just my feelings tho, i have been wrong..

Its nice to know Hendry is still keeping tabs on Schmidt, My thought is he wont be coming here and will stay on the west coast but Hendry always seems to suprise us doesnt he?
Chicago Tribune (registration required): "The Cubs are one of the finalists for free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly, having offered a four-year deal worth an estimated $40 million, major-league sources said Monday on the opening day of baseball's winter meetings... The Cubs also have had discussions with free-agent right-handers Jason Schmidt and Gil Meche, who reportedly has the Cubs at the top of his wish list."

Why dont we just get all three lol.. I like how aggressive Hendry is being!!! I have a strong feeling he is not gonna leave the Meetings without his rotation set.

Jennings, lugo and Church

Im back after a couple days of Hell! The flu is a bad thing.. anyways down to the rumors..

Intresting idea from

Calm down, this is a family trade rumor site. I am referring to Steve Phillip's latest, found via RotoWorld.
The idea: Jason Jennings to the Cubs; Jacque Jones, Carlos Marmol, Paul Maholm to the Rockies; Brad Hawpe to the Pirates.
If this one is legit,
Dan O'Dowd lied to Brad Hawpe's agent.

I would do this one in a heart beat.. especially if we decide to get another left handed bat plus lets face it we need pitching


The next rumor is from the Daily Herald-

One of the more interesting whispers around the winter meetings was that the Giants may be willing to deal lefty Noah Lowry, who was 7-10 this year but is 26-23 lifetime. If so, Lowry will draw big interest around baseball.
The Giants already may lose Jason Schmidt to free agency, so they no doubt will be looking for a lot in return for Lowry.
As of now, it’s doubtful Julio Lugo will be coming to the Cubs. Lugo seemingly would prefer to play shortstop, and Cubs officials believe he’ll get an offer to start at short from another club. The Cubs would envision Lugo as a center fielder, with Alfonso Soriano playing right. However, Lugo bats right-handed, and the Cubs are desperate for left-handed bats.

I have mixed emotions about Lowry, no Doubt the Giants would want the world, im glad the lugo rumor are going away the whole thing just never made since to me.


Washington Post: "But as baseball's winter meetings began Monday, the Nationals were trying to drum up a market for Church, hoping to find a team willing to part with a prospect -- preferably a pitcher -- in return for the 28-year-old who has only 527 major league at-bats. Potential suitors include Detroit, Pittsburgh, Houston and the Chicago Cubs."

I think Ryan Church is going to be a soild outfielder but he doesnt fit into our win now attitude, would be good off the bench tho.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lofton back in cubbie blue? Filling out the rotation? Left handed bats?

Thanks to one of my poster this morning notifying me of this news/rumor-

"Kenny Lofton, who has been with eight teams the last six seasons, could be coming back for a second stint with the Cubs. A major-league source indicated Saturday the Cubs are working to sign him. Lofton is 39 but helped the Dodgers reach the playoffs last year, hitting .301 and stealing 32 bases",1,3816024.column?coll=cs-sports-print

I think this would be one of the smartest things Hendry does this offseason if it comes true.. I have always been a huge Lofton fan.. Last year he put up better numbers than Pierre over all, he had less stolen bases but with fewer chances.. He is a perfect stop gap for us until Pie is ready to take over center.. He is cheap, he hustles, and he hits well at Wrigley.. This would be a favorite move for me and I think greatly improves this team!!


This is according to New York Daily News-

The Dodgers also believe they will prevail over the Mariners in the Jason Schmidt sweepstakes. There was no truth to the reports that the free-spending Cubs had made a big pitch for Schmidt. Rather, the Cubs are concentrating on upgrading their rotation with Gil Meche, who pitched for Lou Piniella in Seattle; Jason Marquis, who's said to have corrected some mechanics flaws that resulted in his disastrous season with the Cardinals and bitter falling out with Tony La Russa; and Miguel Batista, coming off his first 200-inning season.
Inserting one to two of those pitchers would benefit the cubs greatly.. I would like to see Meche and Marquis or Meche and another free agent pitcher not listed like Lilly or Padilla.
The daily Hearld says this today-
Offensively, the Cubs are a right-handed dominant club. A player such as Floyd or Nixon could share time with Matt Murton in left field.
According to insiders, the Cubs haven’t shown much interest to date in Nixon, a right fielder with the Red Sox. But that could change if they don’t like the medical reports on Floyd.
The Cubs have an abundance of bullpen arms to dangle as trade bait. They also could send out feelers on right fielder Jacque Jones, who has two years left on his contract.
His name has been linked to Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings. Like Floyd and Nixon, Jones is a left-handed hitter, and he hit 27 homers this year.
Like the thought of Floyd platooning with Murton, and Nixon wouldnt be bad either.. Nixon is better in the field that Floyd but I think Floyd is a better hitter, having said that either one would make this team better!!!