Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jones Rumors, Lofton, adding 2 pitchers, Floyd, and bench help??

According to the daily southtown and the herald that the Jones for Jennings trade period is dead... in fact it wasent even disscussed, it was a thought by an espn analyst and had no legs.. just wanted to update that previous rumor.

Also according to the dallas star-
The cubs and Rangers are the only teams activly talking to Kenny Lofton
Accoarding to the daily Hearld-

Many observers believed the Cubs could add either one top-drawer name such as Schmidt or two midlevel free agents such as Meche and Lilly. Hendry wouldn’t differentiate Tuesday.
“I could see a scenario where two pitchers could be added,” was all he offered.

This blurb from Jim says alot. I bet we sign or have to pitchers added by Sunday at the latest..

Cliff coming? Jim Hendry acknowledged that he has taken the next step toward procuring free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd. Hendry said he has requested the medical reports on Floyd, who underwent Achilles’ tendon surgery after his season with the New York Mets

I love Floyd, he would be a great platoon and good at first when Lee needs a break..

Cubs sources also confirmed the club has interest in Washington outfielder Ryan Church and free-agent outfielder-infielder Daryle Ward. Both bat left-handed.

I liked Ward when he was with the Pirates and Church is a good player, i see these being worked out if Floyd doesnt come or if Hendry doesnt think Bynum is ready or mybe just a replacement for John Mabry.

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