Friday, December 08, 2006

St. louis pitchers and Cubs going to Church

According to the Tribune-

"Options for the Cubs, and the many other teams desperate for starters, have narrowed to a handful, headed by Oakland's Barry Zito, who is probably out of the Cubs' price range, and the Cardinals' trio of Jeff Suppan, Jeff Weaver and Jason Marquis."

I will take any of those pitchers.. I would love to get Zito or Suppan... but both might be headed elsewhere..


Accordinig to many articles(suntimes, Washingtion post etc.)-

The cubs could part with Sean Marshall to get Ryan Church.. he is a very patient hitter and is good defensivly. left handed bat, young only 28, could in fact have a break out season... .366 ObP last year.. i like him and for marshall thats a equall trade... here is a link to his stats-