Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cubs still want Floyd

The Tribune reports this-

Hendry still is trying to find another free-agent starter, and trying to sign outfielder Cliff Floyd, the former Thornwood star he once recruited as baseball coach at Creighton. But McDonough will ask Hendry to curtail his duties a bit so he can be fully recovered by the start of spring training.

Im glad to see we are still after the chicago native!! One thing that worries me in this article is how everyone want Hendry to relax til spring training.. thats nuts and i doubt Jim does that.. i can see him taking some days off but not that long, you have to be on your game to get the players you want.. I want Jim to get better and the time off is needed, but not til sporing training.. I want Pac-man out there wheeling and dealing!!


In the Daily Herald they had some intresting thoughts.. They still say the cubs #1 project is to get Marquis to fill out the 5th spot in the rotation.. They also say they may entertain a trade for ex-cub Jon Lieber or Brad Penny, if the teams do in fact want to trade them.. I say Jim if i had to pick between those HMM! I think the cubs could put a very attractive package together for Penny.. Maybe a Jones package could do it.. They need a corner outfielder with power and he had a great year last year, not to mention that would give us a great rotation of


Yeah i like that!


Anonymous said...

do you think there is any chance prior is not in the rotation, the rotation will prob be that w/o penny, could be a terrible rotation if marquis stay at his 6.02 ERA and prior has health problems, Rich Hill is not as good as we hoped he was gfoin to be, and ted lilly era stays at 4.48

cubsfan82 said...

I know its hard to stay positive being a cubs fan but try to.. I like our rotation.. we have alot of pitchers that can pitch and i have a feeling Hendry is not done yet.. There are still trade possiablities out there

Anonymous said...

so what happens to prior then if they trade for SP

cubsfan82 said...

For one you really dont know if prior is gonna stay heathy.. and my guess is he wont be ready by spring training.. Plus with the surplus of pitchers you will have trade bait at the deadline or before... i really dont have a forward answer for that but you gotta think someone is expendable