Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Meche and Lilly almost cubs???,CST-SPT-cub06.article

The Cubs are closing in on a multiyear contract for free-agent right-hander Gil Meche and have emerged as the front-runners for free-agent left-hander Ted Lilly, who might make a decision by today.

''I've talked to Gil Meche over the weekend in New York,'' Piniella said. ''I had a nice conversation with him and told him about the fact that Chicago will be a wonderful place for him to pitch, we are familiar with him there and that we really liked him.

If we landed both Meche and Lilly it would be 2 of the top 6 pitchers on the market, adding to landing Sori and Aram the 2 top postion players on the market!!! If Hendry gets this done, no matter the cost, you cant complain and say he is settling for Medicore talent.. Get it done Jim!!!!!!

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