Saturday, December 09, 2006

Marquis now a cub????

Jocketty's search intensified as Jason Marquis became the first member of the 2006 rotation to land elsewhere. Marquis, banished from the rotation during the Division Series and excluded from the roster during the NLCS and World Series, accepted a three-year, $28 million bid from the Chicago Cubs. Marquis earned $5.15 million while going 14-16 with a 6.02 ERA.

While i believe that we have signed him or close to it , i dont think its for that much.. I think its just Cards Nation trying to get Cubs Nation up in arms... Heres a snipit from Bruce Miles

Bruce Miles in his column over at the Daily Harold is reporting that there is a DEAL on the table for Marquis. The more accurate deal is 1 yr $4 mill with a vesting option for 2008.

I think St. Louis is just a little jealous about all the move we have been making this offseason..They want us to make a bad deal or overpay for a medicore player.. If i were them i would be pissed too.. Giving Kennedy a deal when there were 2nd baseman out there like Lorretta, Belliard, and Giles via trade... Giving a Relief pitcher in Wheeler a deal to serve up HR to us.. There most significant signing is Wells who at best is a #4 starter, and now they are after Batista.. thats alot of #5 starters in our 5 man rotation.. They still have Pujols, Carpenter, Eckstien, Edmonds and Rolen which are great ball players but having Juan and Duncun starting in there outfield?? thats sad.. im just gonna be happy when were hitting Bombs off there young pitching and 2 #5 starters, hitting routine balls at Rolen and Duncun and having them boot them, and sending them home saying " but we are suppose to be defending world champs"

Thats what i think tho, i could be wrong.

Go Cubs!!

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