Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cubs Could Look Different...

With the talk back and fourth between mainstream media and Lou getting angry and more bitter, along with Steve Stone basically calling out Lou and Jimbo, and the Cubs being 7.5 games out of first; the writing is starting to show on the wall. Lets take a look at some recent rumors and news-

- Koyie Hill had some choice words for the Cubs and how do you not agree with that?

- Kendry Morales is out for the rest of the year. It is still being rumored that they are looking at Derrek Lee, Mike Lowell, and Lance Berkman. If I were Lee I would welcome a trade there and do anything I could to end up in Cali.

- One thing that is being rumored is the Angels are looking to upgrade 3rd base over getting a replacement for Morales. One name that has been thrown around is Aramis Ramirez. The Angels almost signed Ramirez the last time he was a free agent so you know interest is still there regardless of this numbers on the field.

- The Mets are going to battle the Yankees for Cliff Lee's services for the 2nd half of the season. But the Mets may be more inclined to go for Ted Lilly or Tom Gorzelanny because the price tag will be lower and Gorzelanny is cheap and under team control for the next couple years. He is a thought how about Gorzelanny and Derrek Lee for Ike Davis?

- There is a rumor going around the message boards and radio that the Cubs have until the middle of July to get turned around and back in the race. It just so happens that is right around the All-Star break and two weeks before the trade deadline. You have to believe if this team is sold off before the deadline and struggling like it is now Lou and Hendry will likely be gone which will be a blessing to Cub fans.

Get ready Cub fans because in the next month or two this team could look a lot different one way or another.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tracy In.. Aram Out.. Just Do It...

- According to multiple reports the Chicago Cubs will place Aramis Ramirez on the 15 day DL so his sore thumb can heal and the Cubs plan on calling up Chad Tracy. Another reason is because Aram is simply not hitting and Chad Tracy is. This move should have been made weeks ago according to multiple media outlets and outraged fans. There is a common thought going around Cub fans and that is to sell off the high price players and veterans and let the kids play. I have heard this on numerous media outlets, posters on my blog, and baseball message boards. It just goes to show you that Jim and Lou are not listening. They probably won’t get a chance because I think their days are numbered.

- Steve Stone has some choice words for Lou. For once I agree with Mr. Stone.

- If the Cubs become sellers I purpose they target some young up and coming 1st baseman. Here are the players they should target from contending teams-

Logan Morrison-Marlins- Link- A very nice 1st baseman that has a good bat and glove. Could hit for power one day but is a nice doubles hitter. He is blocked by another young talented 1st baseman in Gaby Sanchez.

Anthony Rizzo-Red Sox- Link- A good hitter and someone that should really interest the Cubs.

Ike Davis-Mets-Link- Should be the Cubs number one target if they are looking to upgrade with young talent.

Justin Smoak- Rangers- Link- While his numbers are not great this kid will produce. A switch hitting decent first baseman with a good eye at the plate. This may be an ideal situation to have the Cubs trade Derrek Lee for Justin Smoak, since the Rangers are in the playoff hunt.

Mark Trumbo- Angels- Link- The guy can hit for power but lacks patients. If the Cubs do trade Derrek Lee they could target Trumbo.

- The White Sox have put the for sale sign in the yard. The White Sox are currently 9.5 games out of first in the AL Central and 11.5 games out of the lead in the Wild Card. The Cubs (who have not put out the for sale sign) are 6.5 games out of first and 8 games back of the wild card. They both have a similar record and problems, yet the Cubs remain silent on the trade front. The Sox are going about this in the right way while the Cubs are in denial. Once management grasps the realization that the Reds and Cards are for real and that the team they put on the field is not that good then we can start moving in a positive direction. I am just scared the Cubs will remain 5-7 games out of first near the deadline and try to buy there way into the playoffs by trading players like Cashner, Castro, Vitters, Colvin etc…. Lets all pray that does not happen because this season is lost and the sooner management realizes this the better!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Draft Results....

- The Cubs surprised everyone and selected a guy that should have been around a 3rd or 4th round pick but his numbers do not show it. His name is Hayden Simpson and here is a link to what he has to offer, stats, and fan reaction on

You can also check out analysis on day two also at They have the best in Cubs draft coverage.

Three players to watch besides Hayden that the Cubs drafted-

Micah Gibbs- Great defensive catcher who could really benefit the Cubs in the future. Good baseball smarts and a real hard worker.

Dustin Geiger- He plays third but will likely seem more outfield time in the Cubs system if he stays. This kid can swing the bat but was drafted low so only time will tell if he stays.

Pierre LePage- A true leadoff hitter and reminds scouts of David Eckstein.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Cubs Draft and More....

- The Cubs will have the 16th pick in tonight’s MLB First Year Player Draft. The Cubs are expected to focus on pitching a lot and some speculate Asher Wojciechowski out of The Citadel could be the pick while Baseball America says they will pick Karsten Whiteson out of Chipley High School. I honestly hope that Whiteson is the Cubs first pick out of those two because he has the make up of being a very solid top of the rotation starter for the Cubs. If I had to pick I think the Cubs should draft a first baseman for sure and should be a top priority because of the lack of prospects at that position for the Cubs. Two players that come to mind are Christian Yelich and Nick Castellanos. I also think if Michael Choice is available for the Cubs at 16 they will pick him regardless of their needs. He has drawn comparisons to Vernon Wells and Pat Burrell as far as the bat.

- The Cubs received calls on Gorzelanny availability about 2 weeks ago but the Cubs did not move on any deals. One baseball exec said the price for Tom is “too high” right now.

- There have been rumors swirling around that there was a closed door meeting between Jim Hendry, Lou Pinella, and Tom Ricketts sometime last week. No word what the meeting was regarding but there are rumors that a meeting did take place.

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