Friday, January 30, 2009

Just A Couple of Tidbits

- The Cubs and Paul Bako has agreed on a ML deal. Bako will be Soto's backup and he will make 725K with 300K in incentives.

- It looks like Rich Hill could be headed to the O's for a PTBNL. This would clear up a spot for the team to acquire a right handed utility guy like Nomar or Aurilia.

- Bruce Levine said the Cubs could revisit Peavy trade once March hits because that is when the Cubs sale could be drawing to a close. This supports my April blockbuster.

- It looks like Nomar is looking for a full time position on the infield and that does not figure into the Cubs plans according to Levine.

- Bruce also said in addition to Aurilia the Cubs are looking at Kevin Millar. I do not understand where this comes in?? Millar plays RF and 1st base, we already have Hoffpauir, we do not Millar. Aurilia make sense. I just wish Doug Mientkiewicz batted right handed, he is great defensively at all positions and has a decent bat!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Peavy, Rich Hill Suitors, and Cubs Losing Out On Targets...

Here is the latest from the mill today-

- ESPN's Jayson Stark says the Cubs will not be getting Peavy anytime soon because the ownership take over is a ways away. We could be looking at a late March or early April blockbuster if Peavy deal does in fact get done.

- Tim Dierkes suggested some Rich Hill suitors today, the Royals, Mariners, Padres, Pirates, Marlins, and Orioles. The Royals, Pirates, and Padres make the most sense to me. He could be apart of a potential Peavy trade because Olsen was dealt to the M's. Maybe that is why Olsen was available in that trade instead of Hill, the Padres want Hill instead of Olsen?? I could also see the Rays getting in on this because a couple years ago there was talk of a Hill package for Crawford. Wow, how have things changed!

- Juan Uribe has signed with the Giants and now the Cubs are looking at Rich Aurilia have also have targeted Nomar (it is about time). The Cubs have also lost out on potential number 5 starter Jon Garland. It also seems that Randy Wolf will head to the Dodgers, Oliver Perez and Pedro to the Mets, leaving Braden Looper and Ben Sheets as possible targets. I also would not be surprised if the Cubs just go with they got or sign a guy with upside like Kris Benson or Mark Mulder. I would be happy if the Cubs signed Mulder and Nomar or Aurilia.

- Heilman will compete for the 5th starter spot if the Cubs do not land guy like Sheets or Peavy. I think this guy would put great numbers as a starter. Just a prediction if he starts 30 games I see him going 14-7 with a 3.97 ERA. I would expect Marshall to put up better numbers though, starting 30 games. Something like 16-8 with a better ERA of 3.50.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peavy Talks Heat Up or Cool Down??

Here is some more back and forth on the Peavy talks- video Buster Olney says "at some point you can expect the Cubs and Padres will again start talking about a Peavy deal." This is because the have acquired the arms the Padres like in the last weeks.

- Barry Bloom said that Randy Bush said that the Cubs have had "no talks about Jake Peavy since they were well-documented during the Winter Meetings."

- Here is the latest update from Tim Dierkes-

I just spoke to a source familiar with the Cubs' thinking. Hopefully I can further douse the flames of the Peavy-Cubs rumors - the Cubs aren't planning to restart the Peavy talks, and none of their recent trades for pitching were related to Peavy. Keep in mind that the team's ownership situation is far from resolved. - Tim Dierkes

I honestly think the deal will get done and this is just posturing because they do not want to say something now and have it not happen for a couple of months. Remember what everyone has been saying guys "the ownership ball has to start rolling before a deal for Peavy is made" and that " Hendry does not want to add pressure to the new owner during the transitional period and approval from MLB" and they are "still a ways away from being finalized".

Don't give up yet Peavy to Cubs fans!

Cubs Close To Getting Heilman?! UPDATE

UPDATE! 12:15am- ESPN's Jerry Crasnick says the deal is official with the Cubs getting Aaron Heilman for Ronny Cedeno and Garrett Olson. I am suprised that Olson is in the deal considering how the Padres liked him so much. Does this hurt the chances for a Peavy deal, I say it does somewhat but it is not a deal breaking trade. Someone had to be traded off the 40 man roster to make room for Bako, who according to Levine, the Cubs will sign for 750K.

Levine also says the Cubs are looking at Braden Looper and Randy Wolf as there 5th starter option if they cannot acquire Peavy via trade.

I also assume this means the Cubs will replace Cedeno with a right handed hitting utility guy like Juan Uribe or Rich Aurilia. Both would be great additions to the Cubs, I still like Nomar better though.

Jim has been known to do things spurts so I would not be suprised to hear today, or in the next days, that Bako and a utility player like Aurilia or Uribe is signed to a deal. As well as Jake Peavy talk to heat up!

UPDATE! 11:30am- Ken Rosenthal confirms that the Cubs are getting Aaron Heilman for Ronny Cedeno and a minor league pitcher. It will be announced later today!

ESPN Radio's Bruce Levine says the Cubs are close to getting Aaron Heilman from the Mariners. The M's want Ronny Cedeno and a pitcher in return. How about Rich Hill and Cedeno for Heilman?? We discussed this yesterday on the chat, and I said that the deal had a 40% chance of happening.

Heilman will earn 1.625 million this season and will be a free agent after the 2010 season. Heilman will battle for the 5th starting spot against Sean Marshall or could be the swing man in the pen if Marshall starts and the same goes if Heilman gets the starting spot, Marshall will go to the pen.

Heilman could be a big addition to this already strong pen. He could also be headed on this way to the Padres in a Peavy deal (just my opinion). He could be also a guy to take the place Guzman, Weurtz, or Marshall in the pen if they are traded for Peavy.

This deal could mean a lot of things. All I know is this is a great deal for the Cubs to get Heilman as either trade bait or a great addition to the pen or rotation!

In another note, Rich Hill has been gaining some interest from at least 3 teams. I am truly surprised at this, I thought teams would just wait until he is released.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Peavy and 40 Man Roster


-Here is a video on Peavy, pretty encouraging-


- The Cubs will have to make room on the 40 man roster if they are to sign Bako or add a utility guy like Nomar, Uribe, or Aurilia. My pick for a guy to be traded or cut is Ronny Cedeno and Rich Hill. Cedeno has been linked to the Padres, Mariners, Royals, and now the Pirates have some interest according to a baseball exec. I would like to see him traded for Heilman from the Mariners or Teahen of the Royals. I expect Bako to be signed to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training, I much rather have Koyie Hill as the backup.

- Andy Pettitte was signed by the Yankees for 5 million dollars that can reach 12 million with incentives. I would have loved for the Cubs to offer a similar deal but if the get Peavy or Sheets I would be happy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Cubs Stuff... Add a Peavy Update..

Just came across this update-

Lee Hamilton on XM radio said talks are still going on between the Padres and Cubs. He says now that a deal that involves Peavy would include Vitters, Marshall, Olson, and Hart. Obviously the Cubs feel they have Stevens and Guzman to fill the spot starter role, unless they trade for Heilman(which I recommend). He also says the Angels are trying to get into the mix saying a deal that would include Jered Weaver, Nick Adenhart, Brandon Wood and Reggie Willits( If I was the Padres, I would jump on that). Peavy does have a no trade clause and said he wants to stay in the NL. He also does not have the Angels on his list of teams he would accept a trade to( it seems the Cubs are the only team on that list lol).

Here is the quote from Hamilton-

"Reports out here on the West Coast are saying Jake Peavy will be a Cub by Opening Day."


- We keep hearing the Cubs and Padres will heat up the Peavy trade talk soon. Nick Cafardo is the next to suggest it.

- The Royals asked the Cubs about Cedeno and the Cubs said they would like Greinke or Teahen those talks died.

- The Cubs are one of 5 teams keeping an eye on Ben Sheets. His price is continuing to drop by the day and is now saying he would except a 1 or 2 year deal to prove his health and wait for the economic situation to improve in the coming years. One baseball source said that guys like Wolf, Looper, and Sheets may take 1 year with only 5-8 million guaranteed or go without jobs into Spring. The same source also said the same things bout big hitters like Manny, Dunn, and Abreu.

- I have three trade proposals for the Padres for Peavy-

Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Vitters, Olson, Stevens, Hill, and Hart

Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Vitters, Weurtz, Olson, Hart, and Cedeno

Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Guzman, Hart, Olson, Stevens, Hill, and Cedeno