Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peavy Talks Heat Up or Cool Down??

Here is some more back and forth on the Peavy talks- video Buster Olney says "at some point you can expect the Cubs and Padres will again start talking about a Peavy deal." This is because the have acquired the arms the Padres like in the last weeks.

- Barry Bloom said that Randy Bush said that the Cubs have had "no talks about Jake Peavy since they were well-documented during the Winter Meetings."

- Here is the latest update from Tim Dierkes-

I just spoke to a source familiar with the Cubs' thinking. Hopefully I can further douse the flames of the Peavy-Cubs rumors - the Cubs aren't planning to restart the Peavy talks, and none of their recent trades for pitching were related to Peavy. Keep in mind that the team's ownership situation is far from resolved. - Tim Dierkes

I honestly think the deal will get done and this is just posturing because they do not want to say something now and have it not happen for a couple of months. Remember what everyone has been saying guys "the ownership ball has to start rolling before a deal for Peavy is made" and that " Hendry does not want to add pressure to the new owner during the transitional period and approval from MLB" and they are "still a ways away from being finalized".

Don't give up yet Peavy to Cubs fans!


Anonymous said...

sorry but peavy is not coming to the north side. Unless there planning on putting marshal in the deal now.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

In my opinion (which means nothing)
i think SD wanted Vitters Cubs said no way, and to prove they mean business they traded Olson. Now SD has to reduce their payroll.
Peavy only wants to play for the Cubs (no trade clause). Cubs will get Peavy (cause its the only place he will approve a trade to) Hill, Guzman, Stevens and wuertz. Maybe Cubs give up even less. But Vitters and Marshall are going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

If Dierkes is somehow correct, then I want Hendry fired for making some of the most inexplicable trades ever without a big prize waiting at the end.