Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cubs Close To Getting Heilman?! UPDATE

UPDATE! 12:15am- ESPN's Jerry Crasnick says the deal is official with the Cubs getting Aaron Heilman for Ronny Cedeno and Garrett Olson. I am suprised that Olson is in the deal considering how the Padres liked him so much. Does this hurt the chances for a Peavy deal, I say it does somewhat but it is not a deal breaking trade. Someone had to be traded off the 40 man roster to make room for Bako, who according to Levine, the Cubs will sign for 750K.

Levine also says the Cubs are looking at Braden Looper and Randy Wolf as there 5th starter option if they cannot acquire Peavy via trade.

I also assume this means the Cubs will replace Cedeno with a right handed hitting utility guy like Juan Uribe or Rich Aurilia. Both would be great additions to the Cubs, I still like Nomar better though.

Jim has been known to do things spurts so I would not be suprised to hear today, or in the next days, that Bako and a utility player like Aurilia or Uribe is signed to a deal. As well as Jake Peavy talk to heat up!

UPDATE! 11:30am- Ken Rosenthal confirms that the Cubs are getting Aaron Heilman for Ronny Cedeno and a minor league pitcher. It will be announced later today!

ESPN Radio's Bruce Levine says the Cubs are close to getting Aaron Heilman from the Mariners. The M's want Ronny Cedeno and a pitcher in return. How about Rich Hill and Cedeno for Heilman?? We discussed this yesterday on the chat, and I said that the deal had a 40% chance of happening.

Heilman will earn 1.625 million this season and will be a free agent after the 2010 season. Heilman will battle for the 5th starting spot against Sean Marshall or could be the swing man in the pen if Marshall starts and the same goes if Heilman gets the starting spot, Marshall will go to the pen.

Heilman could be a big addition to this already strong pen. He could also be headed on this way to the Padres in a Peavy deal (just my opinion). He could be also a guy to take the place Guzman, Weurtz, or Marshall in the pen if they are traded for Peavy.

This deal could mean a lot of things. All I know is this is a great deal for the Cubs to get Heilman as either trade bait or a great addition to the pen or rotation!

In another note, Rich Hill has been gaining some interest from at least 3 teams. I am truly surprised at this, I thought teams would just wait until he is released.


Anonymous said...

cubs get heilman for cedeno and garrett olson.... by giving up olson... what does this mean for peavy. honestly... looking at this trade now, i feel peavy is now as no-go from the pads stand-point.

Anonymous said...

Espn radio just reported that it is for Cedeno and Scott Olson.

cubsfan82 said...

This trade does make some sense considering that Olsen would more than likely be in AAA Iowa if not in the Peavy trade.

This just made the thought of Peavy coming to the Cubs drop from my 90% to about 70%. Olson I thought would be a key addition to the Cubs package of players for the trade for Peavy.

I think Heilman would be a great addition the bullpen as well as a good starting/long relief canadiate if Peavy is not traded to the north side.

I will be happy if we get Peavy and keep Marshall and Heilman but that is unlikely. It looks like we will trade Vitters, Marshall, Stevens, Hart, and Castillio for Peavy.

That is what I am assuming now.

Hopefully Hendry shocks me and does what I suggested

Trade for Peavy
Get Heilman (check)
Keep Marshall (check)
sign Aurilia, Uribe, or Nomar

Go into Opening day!

Lets hope Peavy is a Cubs by Opening Day!

Deacon D said...

I was shocked also that olsen was included but i do not think this will effect the cubs getting Jake Peavy. Because the cubs still have enough young arms to give to the padres. i also love this trade vitters, Marshall, Stevens, Hart, and Castillio for Peavy. that is a great deal if you ask me. or if you ask anybody. with vitters one of the top hitting prospects in baseball, marshall,stevens,and Hart are all servicable pitchers who could start or relieve. and castillio is a great young catcher that is blocked by Soto. i think it will take a little while but Peavy Will be a cub by opening day. i feel it

Anonymous said...

This Heilman deal makes me think if the Peavy deal goes down that Marshall is going to San Diego.

Anonymous said...

What does this trade mean about Peavy? Does Veal have a chance to make the bullpen as one of the lefty?

cubsfan82 said...

Veal is with the Pirates Organization and I honestly think Peavy will still go down but I suprised Olsen was dealt.

It just means that Marshall or Guzman along with Vitters will be in a deal for PEavy if it goes down.

I still think it will happen but my % has went down to 70%.