Friday, January 30, 2009

Just A Couple of Tidbits

- The Cubs and Paul Bako has agreed on a ML deal. Bako will be Soto's backup and he will make 725K with 300K in incentives.

- It looks like Rich Hill could be headed to the O's for a PTBNL. This would clear up a spot for the team to acquire a right handed utility guy like Nomar or Aurilia.

- Bruce Levine said the Cubs could revisit Peavy trade once March hits because that is when the Cubs sale could be drawing to a close. This supports my April blockbuster.

- It looks like Nomar is looking for a full time position on the infield and that does not figure into the Cubs plans according to Levine.

- Bruce also said in addition to Aurilia the Cubs are looking at Kevin Millar. I do not understand where this comes in?? Millar plays RF and 1st base, we already have Hoffpauir, we do not Millar. Aurilia make sense. I just wish Doug Mientkiewicz batted right handed, he is great defensively at all positions and has a decent bat!


Andrew said...

Mienkivitz is pretty good at 1B, but no DLee. He is absolutely horrible at 3rd. Horrible. Aurilia is the better choice, even over Nomar. Although Nomar would probably play for 1.5 mil and an opportunity to compete for a title.

jRod said...

Millar is a great clubhouse guy

Nick I Cub Fan said...

if cubs sign another position player that means Hoffpauir is going back to AAA or get traded. I don't think that will happen. And SD don't need a 1st baseman. On the other hand Hoffpauir and others could go to Baltimore for Roberts. Just thinking about the 25
man roster. Again just my 2 cent worth.

waldo7239117 said...

Cant this trade work
Orioles get Jeff Stevens, Fontenot, Rich Hill and Kevin Kouzmanoff
Padres get Josh Vitters Sean Marshall Kevin Hart and David Pauley
Cubs get Jake Peavy and Brian Roberts
Heilman then can be in long relief

waldo7239117 said...

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