Monday, March 14, 2011

Young, Silva, and More....

- The Nationals and Yankees both had scouts to see Carlos Silva face the Reds. It is hard to imagine that the Yankees and Nationals have legitimate interest in Silva with so many other options still on the free agent market. Talk is the both clubs may have been scouting Silva but are more interested in Looper’s future with the club.

- I am also hearing the Mets are interested in Silva but only if the Cubs take on either Luis Castillo or Oliver Perez in the deal.

- The Cubs have been linked to Michael Young once again by the Boston Globe. The Globe says ‘if the Cubs could get some salary relief from the Rangers a deal could be made. Michael Young would be the Cubs starter at 2nd base if acquired.

- Jon Heyman says Michael Young is perfect for the Cubs 2b and 3-hole hitter, leader, but a Cubs person says it is not happening.

- I agree with Heyman on this one. Young is a great fit for the Cubs but the money would not work out. I am hearing the Cubs may have offered up Silva, Fukudome, and/or Baker in a deal for Young but the Rangers still want a top prospect for Young. They also don’t want to eat a ton of salary as well so I don’t see this deal happening.

- Scott Moore looks like he might make the roster if he continues to hit like he has been!

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