Saturday, March 28, 2009

More on the Cubs...

- Lou will decide on Sundays who will be the backup catcher and closer. Koyie Hill and Kevin Gregg.

- The Cubs sent Brad Snyder to AAA Iowa and removed from the 40 man roster. The Cubs are expected to cut more players this weekend with Spring Training finally coming to a close.

- Check out the latest on Peavy thanks to MLBTR.

- If Fukudome continues his woes with the bat and shows he cannot handle CF as well as Lou thinks he can, he may be traded or sent to AAA. There is not a lot of teams that would take on his salary and he would have to waive his NTC before any deal is made. One thing I suggest if his struggles continue is trading Fukudome for Gary Matthews Jr. There contract are very similar. Kosuke is owed 38 million over the next 3 seasons and Matthews is owed 33 million over the next 3 season so contracts are almost a push. Matthews has said he wants to play pretty much everyday so he wants out of LA and Fukudome is quickly becoming this years scape goat and the season has not even started. Both could use a change of scenery and both would provide value to their new teams.

Fukudome would be used as a late inning defensive replacement, insurance in case Vlad gets hurt, and a high OBP guy the Angels are looking for. Gary Matthews would give the Cubs a decent leadoff hitter and great defense in the outfield. Jr. is also use to Wrigley and would benefit a lot from a hitters park in the weak Central Division. If he came to the Cubs I would expect his numbers to be right below what he put up in Texas in 2006.

Just a thought though. More to Come

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here and There...

Here are some notes for today-

- Ryan Harvy was released yesterday. Another top draft pick released by the Cubs.

- Shark could lose his position in the pen to Angel Guzman says the Tribune. All do respect to Angel and Jeff, Patton and his 0.93 ERA deserves a spot in the pen over you guys. He cannot be optioned to AAA so he should be in the pen, plus he deserves it!

- Another way Patton could make the team is if Gaudin or Vizcanio is traded. I think the Cubs could get another bad contract for Vizcaino or how bout a PTBNL. I am a little more hesitant to trade Gaudin because he gives so much versatility for Lou.

- Little FYI. There is only 38 players on the 40 man roster of right now. Could a trade be in the mix before Opening Day? My senses are screaming YES!

- 11 days until Opening Day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roster Cuts...

Here are the latest causalities today-

Jake Fox
Sam Fuld
Jose Ascaino
Jason Waddell

All those are of no surprise except Waddell. I thought he had a legitimate chance to make the roster out of ST but with guys like Vizcaino and Gaudin still in Cubs uniform he really did not have a chance.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Training News and Notes...

- Lou Piniella could cut as many as 10 players by Tuesday according to reports.

- Rich Harden could be skipped the first time around so the Cubs could see Marshall get a start the first few weeks.

- Lou will name the closer in the weeks ahead, he wants to see Gregg and Marmol pitch on back to back days.

- The Cubs will start the season with 12 pitchers with 9 being locks- Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Harden, Marshall, Heilman, Cotts, Gregg, and Marmol. Unless the Cubs can move Vizcaino or Gaudin they will go into the season with one spot in the pen leaving Shark, Waddell, and Patton the 3 players fighting for it. If I was Lou I would trade or release Vizcaino and Gaudin and go with Patton and Waddell. Having Shark start the season in AAA.

- The two players most likely to be traded before Opening Day are Gaudin and Guzman. Because of there inexpensive contract and versatility.

- The battle of backup catcher is still going on. I thought Lou would have made a decision by now with Koyie Hill head and shoulders above Johnson and Bako.

- The Cubs also will enter the season with Gathright as their 25th man and not a backup for 3rd.

- The Pirates are looking for pitching and the Cubs have a young right hander out of options named Angel Guzman that would fit the need of a young guy with good upside, very inexpensive, and can start as well as relieve. The Cubs should try to get Romulo Sanchez or Ron Uviedo. I may be dreaming though!