Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gomes Chicago Bound...

David Kaplan has the recent Cubs Talk...

- The Cubs are in negotiations with Jonny Gomes. He hit well against lefties last season and in his entire career so he is not that bad of an option for the money. I would rather have Dye though.

- The Cubs are only interested in Sheets for a one year deal with an option with a low base salary loaded with incentives. Nothing over that.

- Jayson Stark added Fernando Tatis and Chan Ho Park to the list of players that Cubs have kept in contact with.

- Mark Johnson and Scott McClain were signed to minor league deals without an invite to ST.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Players Flying Off Market...

- Free agents continue to find homes and many of them were targets for the Cubs. Rick Ankiel is a Royal and Jose Contreras is a Phillie.

- GROTA runs down what is left for the off season. The three areas they have the Cubs targeting are a backup outfield, reliever, and maybe an infielder. They pick Xavier Nady, Felipe Lopez, and Kiko Calero. They also mention a starter but I do not see that as that big of a deal. They of course label Ben Sheets as their pick.

Here is my targets-

Outfield Free Agents- My Pick- Gary Sheffield
Xavier Nady
Jermaine Dye
Eric Byrnes
Rocco Baldelli
Jonny Gomes
Randy Winn
Reed Johnson
Gary Sheffield

Outfield Trade Targets- My Pick- Rajai Davis
Ryan Spilborghs
Rajai Davis
Cody Ross
Ryan Raburn
Josh Willingham

Infield Free Agents- My Pick- Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez
Orlando Hudson
Adam Kennedy
Miguel Tejada
Orlando Cabrera

Infield Trade Targets= My Pick- Luis Castillo
Alberto Callaspo
Luis Castillo
Jose Lopez
Stephen Drew

Reliever Free Agents- My Pick- John Smoltz
Too many to list

Reliever Trade Targets- My Pick- Heath Bell
Too many to list

- Here is my trade scenario for the week. It is a three way trade-

Cubs get Luis Castillo, Gary Matthews Jr., and Brad Hawpe
Mets get Fukudome, Sean Marshall, Micah Hoffpauir, and cash from Cubs
Rockies get John Maine, Angel Guzman, and Marcos Mateo

Cubs get their top of the lineup guy that is a switch hitter and plays good defense at 2nd base. They also get their very versatile, good defensive fourth outfielder in Matthews (who should benefit from getting Jaramillo back as his hitting coach), and a starting RF with good defense and a better bat in Hawpe. He would fill the need for a left handed power bat the Cubs have been searching for the past three years.

The Mets would get a good defensive outfielder who could use a change of scenery in Fukudome. He could fill in at CF with Beltran recovering then go to a platoon partner with Francoeur when he returns. They also get another guy they can plug in at first in Hoffpauir in Murphy does not do well. Sean Marshall would be inserted into the rotation in John Maine's spot.

The Rockies would be getting pitching which they need. All they give up is Hawpe for three good arms. John Maine would be inserted in the already decent starting rotation. Then they can add two fireballers in Mateo and Guzman for the back end of their pen.

Here is the Cubs lineup with the trade-
Theriot SS
Castillo 2b
Lee 1st
Hawpe RF
Aram 3rd
Byrd CF
Soriano LF
Soto C

What a tough lineup with speed and power!

What you guys think????

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Cub Rumors....

- The Cubs will keep their Spring Training in Mesa.

- The Tribune is saying that the Cubs are courting free agent outfielder Jonny Gomes and Gomes even confirms this.

- The Cubs are also talking to Dye and Nady but according to Levine the Cubs have now looked beyond Dye because he must decide to retire or take a part-time job and a 60% paycut to stay playing baseball.

- Levine also add that the Cubs are talking to the Jays about Jason Frasor and the Padres about Luke Gregerson as well as Heath Bell.

- He did mention Reed Johnson and Rocco Baldelli are still in the mix for the fourth outfielder spot.

- The Cubs have had talks with Kiko Calero but have "no interest at this point" according to Levine.

- Although the Cubs are looking for a righty for the outfield they are still keeping tabs on Ankiel because his price and stock continue to drop. I would not mind if the Cubs added Baldelli and Ankiel? That would be too goo to be true though.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Levine's Latest....

Bruce Levine had his chat over at yesterday. Here is a breakdown on what he had for us....

- Wells says he is working really hard so he does not have a sophomore jinx and Ryan Theriot say he has no problem moving to 2nd base for the Cubs.

- If Rick Ankiel's value continues to fall the Cubs will consider signing him. I would love to get Ankiel on a one year deal worth 3 million or less.

- The Cubs see Jermaine Dye as their fourth outfielder because of the power he brings. They view Reed Johnson as a small ball type player, which they have in Sam Fuld.

- The health of Angel Guzman scares the Cubs and he is getting a lot of interest from other teams so the Cubs could trade him for a reliever or maybe fourth outfielder.

- The Cubs view Spilborghs as a fourth or 5th outfielder but prefer Dye over him.

- Contreras is still on the Cubs radar. Smoltz is a better fit in my opinion.

- Levine thinks Ricketts will give Jim more money around the trade deadline to make an impact move or two. Maybe an upgrade at 2nd base?


Other Things...

- It is curious that Levine would mention Rick Ankiel because we at Hot Stove Cubbies are hearing they could actually sign Dye and Ankiel both for under 8 million combined. This would make Micah Hoffpauir start in AAA or traded, it would also force Fuld to AAA. The move would really strengthen the bench but I think the Cubs would have to trade some players like Guzman, Shark, Fontenot, or players with a contract right around a million or above to make the Dye and Ankiel signing happen.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cubs Sign.... Other Note....

- The Cubs signed 5 of their 8 arbitration eligible players today. Mike Fontenot will earn 1 million, Guzman will get 825,000, Baker will get 975,000, Hill will get 700,000, and Gorzelanny will get 800,000. Sean Marshall, Ryan Theriot, and Carlos Marmol all missed the deadline but can sign before arbitration starts in February. The Cubs have not gone to an arbitration hearing since Mark Grace in 1993. Here is a link on what the Cubs offered them and what they came back with.

- Jermaine Dye is the Cubs top prority right now and it is known that Derrek Lee is involved in the negotiations (who is a friend of Dye). The Cubs are saying he will get a lot of playing time with Soriano's injury woes and Fukudome's struggles. Many officials say the Cubs will sign Dye but if they do not they will turn their attention to Xavier Nady.

- The Cubs are keeping tabs on Mark Mulder but he will likely sign with the Brewers.

- The Cubs also like relievers Luke Gregerson and Jason Frasor for set up men.

- The Cubs watched Ben Sheets throw today. He hit 91 on his fastball and had a good curve ball. Sources have the Mets, Rangers, or Cubs potential landing spots.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Nady and Dye Outfield Options.. More....

Update @ 4:52 pm- Bruce Levine says the Cubs and Dye are very much interested in each other and have had preliminary talks.

- Xavier Nady is on schedule to be ready for Spring Training following his 2nd Tommy John surgery of his career. The Cubs are interested in Nady according to It is also reported that the Cubs are very much interested in Jermaine Dye according to the Tribune. Either one would be fine with me, both have positives and negatives. Dye's defensive abilities are lacking while his power is better than Nady. Hendry is suppose to acquire a fourth outfielder in less than two weeks.

- Do not believe the Ben Sheets is "poised to sign with the Cubs" rumors. We at Hot Stove Cubbies have many sources saying that is entirely untrue.

- Our friends at Cubbies Crib says the Cubs along with the Yankees have expressed interest in Rocco Baldelli. I am a big, big Baldelli guy! They also say Silva may resurrect his career in Chicago. Larry found a flaw in his mechanics which he changed. Now Silva is hitting 93 mph on his fastball and his sinker is a lot sharper. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise.

- There have been talks with the Cubs and Padres about Heath Bell but the Pads are asking too much!

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