Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cubs Sign.... Other Note....

- The Cubs signed 5 of their 8 arbitration eligible players today. Mike Fontenot will earn 1 million, Guzman will get 825,000, Baker will get 975,000, Hill will get 700,000, and Gorzelanny will get 800,000. Sean Marshall, Ryan Theriot, and Carlos Marmol all missed the deadline but can sign before arbitration starts in February. The Cubs have not gone to an arbitration hearing since Mark Grace in 1993. Here is a link on what the Cubs offered them and what they came back with.

- Jermaine Dye is the Cubs top prority right now and it is known that Derrek Lee is involved in the negotiations (who is a friend of Dye). The Cubs are saying he will get a lot of playing time with Soriano's injury woes and Fukudome's struggles. Many officials say the Cubs will sign Dye but if they do not they will turn their attention to Xavier Nady.

- The Cubs are keeping tabs on Mark Mulder but he will likely sign with the Brewers.

- The Cubs also like relievers Luke Gregerson and Jason Frasor for set up men.

- The Cubs watched Ben Sheets throw today. He hit 91 on his fastball and had a good curve ball. Sources have the Mets, Rangers, or Cubs potential landing spots.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like DYE and SHEETS but neither fits in the cubs budget. BALDELLI is more there price range. GREGERSON doesn't fit either he's only got 1 year ML experiance. That
leaves FRASOR as the other right hand reliever.
At the cubs convention HENDRY said he is looking for a 4th outfielder that bats right handed. And an experianced right hand reliever. Thats it. And with a budget of about 6 million left don't count on any big name players.