Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas To All!

I want to take this time to thank all of you that visit and contribute to my blog on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. This is the time of year where we smile a little easier, be a little nicer, hug a little longer, and yes let the cheesiness come out in all of us. This is of course no exception!

I want to say thank you to everyone from Hot Stove Cubbies. Once again it is you; my devoted readers and followers (on twitter) that have made this site become better and better. You guys have pushed me to make this site one of the top Cubs rumor blogs on the Internet (just ask my visit counter, it broke!) and I really appreciate it. In the coming year we are once again going to move forward to make this site even better. There are new and exciting avenues I am exploring right now to take the blog to limitless expectations. So I suggest you all stay tuned for updates on that.

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Once again thanks to all for contributing to the success of Hot Stove Cubbies. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Report! Cubs Trade Marshall to the Reds

The Chicago Cubs have agreed to a deal that was rumored last night starting with Ken Rosenthal. The Chicago Cubs have traded Sean Marshall to the Reds for Travis Wood and 2 minor leaguers. We talked about the rumor deal in today's post which you can find here. No report on the minor leaguers involved but here is to hoping Neftali Soto, Ronald Torreyes, Henry Rodriguez, and/or Tony Cingrani are in the deal!

The deal will be completed and announced once each player passes a physical. Look for updates here and on Twitter from Hot Stove Cubbies.

Cubs News and Notes: Marshall, Soriano, Re-build, Lefty Pitchers, and Much More..

- The Chicago Cubs have agreed to terms with Reed Johnson on a one-year deal. Johnson will likely be the 4th outfielder and fits the mold of the recent signings; good defense, runs bases well, takes walks, and plays multiple positions on the field well.
- Adding Johnson does not mean Soriano or Byrd will be dealt but it does not hurt the chances either.
- The Cubs have been discussing a deal with Reds that would send Sean Marshall to Cincy for Travis Wood according to a report late Tuesday night from Ken Rosenthal, This move would be a classic move for the future the Cubs brass and fans have been waiting for. Marshall is owed $3.1M in 2012 and is a free agent in 2013 (he will be due a hefty raise). Wood is only 24 years old, a lefty starter, and pre-arbitration eligible. Looks good to me!
- Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago is reporting a deal is close while @eyeonbaseball on twitter is saying a deal is not.
- The Cubs have been in contact with both Paul Maholm and Jeff Francis according to but they both could be collateral damage if the Cubs acquire Travis Wood.
- The Cubs could be acquiring to minor leaguers in the deal as well. Although I am told they are not top prospects but quality players in the minors.
- Players I would love to have that are not top 10 prospects on the Reds are 1st baseman Neftali Perez, infielder Ronald Torreyes, infielder Henry Rodriquez, and/or Tony Cingrani.
- There were rumors that the Cubs could then flip Wood for a position player like Rizzo but that has been debunked by CubbiesCrib.
- The Chicago Cubs are going to completely rebuild according to David Kaplan. You can see the story here. Although I see his thought process the troubling thing is none of this information is coming from a Cubs source at least that is what I am reading. I also question the signings of DeJesus and Johnson along with the trade of Stewart if they were completely going young and rebuilding.
- @thekapman on Twitter is David Kaplan and he has some more information regarding his story above. Here is what he is saying-
************* He says his MLB sources have been talking with the Cubs and Theo and Co. is committed to a full scale rebuild.
************* He says the Cubs will listen on everyone except Castro.
************* They are not in on Fielder.
************* He says these are not external sources.
- I honestly hope Kaplan is right because that means Soriano, Z, Marmol, Wells, Soto, Byrd, Dempster, etc should not be here on opening day because a full scale re-build is essentially a fire sale. I can understand re-signing Wood and keeping Dempster though because they are Cubs ambassadors.
- Theo Epstein made two more hires for the front office personnel with hiring Matt Dorey as national cross-checker of amateur talent and Kyle Evans he is a former pro scout for the Red Sox.
- The Chicago Cubs announced their minor league managers and staff here.
- The Cubs are still on Fielder but others are making offers according to sources. The thought is the Cubs are still interested but only on a 6 year or less deal. No way they do 7+ years.
- The Rangers are still eyeing Andrew Bailey according to Ken Rosenthal so my question is; are they still interested in Carlos Marmol? The Rangers had rumored interest earlier this offseason.
- The same goes for the Red Sox who say to have interest in Bailey as well. Could they still be in talks with the Cubs about Marmol?

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

How the Red/Padres Trade Affects the Cubs

The Reds sent an overwhelming package of prospects to the Padres for Mat Latos. That package of players included Yonder Alonso, Edinson Volquez, Yasmani Grandal, and Brad Boxberger. Now this affects the Cubs in many ways so lets get down to it-

- The Cubs and Rays are among the most serious teams interested in Anthony Rizzo you can find his outstanding minor league number here. He is only 22 years old and has some limited ML experience after doing so well in the minors. He is now view as expendable from other teams and the Padres because of the acquisition of Alonso.

- The price of Matt Garza just went through the roof because of what the Padres got of Latos. Although do not get too excited because Latos is only 24, not arbitration eligible until 2013, and does not hit the open market until 2016. While Garza is 28, is due for a high arbitration raise, and is a free agent in 2014. Both have comparable numbers but Garza has more experience.

- I am surprised at the reports that the Padres are interested in Garza because he will likely be owed 8+ million next season and is a free agent in 2014. I guess I don't understand the swap of Latos and Garza because of cost issues with the Padres. Unless the Padres are serious about winning in the next two years which could be possible.

- I am hearing from my sources that the Cubs like major league ready players like Chase Headley and Kyle Blanks as well as prospects Grandal (who they recently required from the Reds), obviously Anthony Rizzo, 3rd base prospect Jed Gyorko, lefty Robert Erlin, and former Red Sox prospect Casey Kelly.

- I don't think it would be out of the question for the Cubs to obtain Anthony Rizzo, Chase Headley, Kyle Blanks, Robert Erlin, and Casey Kelly for Matt Garza, Ian Stewart, and Josh Vitters. That is really comparable to what the Cubs gave up for Garza.

- I am hearing the Padres have very little interest in Geovany Soto or Carlos Marmol now.

- If the Cubs did get Grandal or Gyorko or multiple pitchers they could deal Soto, Vitters, or Marmol to add even more depth to their minor leagues.

- On Twitter @CubsDen has a similar thought that a 3rd team would have to get involved to get a deal done. He suggests (I agree with) that Garza would go to 3rd team, San Diego gets prospects, Cubs get Rizzo, pitching prospect, and 3rd player. I would think the Cubs would get more than just 3 players for Garza. Getting Texas involved would be ideal and getting Anthoney Rizzo, Martin Perez, Chase Headley, and Robert Erlin would be amazing but I might be dreaming a bit.


- Cubbies Crib on twitter teased us on a possible Zambrano for Volstad so check there site here for updates.

- Another one of Hot Stove Cubbies friends will have a ton of information today I am sure and that is Bleacher Nation which you will find here.

- The Cubs are interested in signing Paul Maholm to a contract. He would a great pick up especially if the Cubs deal Zambrano and acquire a pitcher or two for Garza.

- The Cubs remain interested in Prince Fielder but many think that is either not true or a smoke screen. Your guess is as good as mine on Fielder, it is a headache trying to follow it.

I think you will be seeing my Twitter blowing up today with re-tweets, suggestions, rumors, and news regarding Rizzo and others. Please stay tuned to @HotStoveCubbies and here for the latest Cubs talk!

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