Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prior does better, Marlins intrested in Pagan, and other Cubs tidbits

So it seems Miller has a big leg up on the fifth spot now in the rotation. Guzman did not fair well yesterday and Prior did better on the mound but they were against AA guys, he should get use pitching to AAA guys tho because Iowa is where I think he will start the season now.
Yesterday Prior threw 68 pitches, 45 for strikes in Fitch Park. Meanwhile Marquis, the big surprise of the Spring, threw 86 pitches in 5 innings. Prior's velocity is still not up but he is at least getting his breaking pitches over for strikes. He is doing better but as far as him ready for the beginning of the season, I don't think he is ready.

According to Rotoworld-

"The Marlins are considering making an offer for Angel Pagan, perhaps using shortstop prospect Robert Andino as bait,'s Ken Rosenthal reports."

This would be a bad trade. Pagan has alot of upside to his game and Andino does not. We already have Andino his name is Cedeno. Here is Andino stats for last year-

He is young with no ML experience so I don't know how shipping Pagan for him is helping us any. Now if they want Pagan then I want Hanley( which will never happen). Or how about sending Nalasco back over? Besides the obvious players there is no one on the Marlins I would want for Pagan.

Here is the box score link to the Cubs and Sox game-

- Murton homered, his 3rd of ST
- Guzman struggled giving up 5 ER of 3 innings
- Cubs came back in the 9th to tie it on a McGehee's 3 run double
- Pie had some nice plays in CF today


Update on Renteria rumors-

I got an email saying the deal went dead when the Braves wanted minor league prospect Donald Veal in the deal. Veal, who could be in the rotation next year, was the deal breaker. I don't blame the Cubs for not doing that deal. If they think Renteria( who is a damn great player) is worth Veal, Izzy, and Jones there crazy.

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Anonymous said...

can you tell us if you get any emails on trades?

and do you know how we are doing in the international signings (dominican or venezuela)