Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cubs box score, Z and Cubs talks renewed, and other cubs notes

Here is the link to the Cubs box score-

-Dlee had a good day. He had a 3 run homer in the first. Overall he went 2 for 4 with 3rbi and a run.

- Sori showed patients at the plate by walking to lead off the game and also had a little bloop hit.

- Hill did OK on the mound, 5IP 3 hits 3 runs with the blow being that 3 run homer by Cruz.

-Dempster had some back spasms the last couple of days and will be available to pitch on Monday.

- Prior is expected to pitch Thursday against the Pads


According to the Daily Herald-

Talks starting: The agents for pitcher Carlos Zambrano were due in town Saturday. Cubs GM Jim Hendry was supposed to make contact by Saturday night or today. The two sides will begin negotiating a multiyear contract for Zambrano, who can become a free agent this fall.

This is nothing new lets just hope they get it done soon!


Arod tidbits-

Here is some links to Arod/Cubs speculation-,1,5301926.column?coll=cs-whitesox-utility

I would love to see Arod in Cubbie Blue! Just like any baseball fan would like to see Arod on there team. My feeling is yes he will opt out of his contract, and yes the Cubs would be interested in him. But so will all the teams in MLB. If the Cubs can afford Z and Arod it would be huge but I personally don't see that happening unless Arod wants to reunite with Lou again and is willing to sign a lower contact. You have to believe that the Angels, and Dodgers would be the big spenders in the Arod bidding war. Should be interesting how the Arod situation develops!


Here is an interesting tidbit from

Jacque Jones, Cubs. He had a decent first year with the Cubs, hitting 27 homers, yet he's mediocre defensively, and the Cubs would like to create more playing time for youngster Matt Murton and former Met Cliff Floyd. Jones, with poor on-base and defensive skills, is not quite in demand. As one official from an American League team put it, the Cubs are "continuing to try to foist Jacque Jones off on someone." Ouch.

I don't know why the Cubs are so hell bent on trading Jones. He has showed some good D this Spring, which makes me believe he wasn't healthy last year and that is the reason he had throwing problems. Not to mention Jones did well against the central last year. The only way that trading Jones makes since is if Pie is ready to play RF at Wrigley. Since Soriano is already slated in CF and hasn't played RF, moving him now wouldn't make since. I say keep JJ, if he can play OK defense and hit like he did last year you cant go wrong with keeping him.

Here is what says-

Here's a solution: Aggressively market Jones, even offering to pay much of the two years left on his salary to facilitate a deal, and welcome Pie to the big leagues. It's guaranteed to be a big hit with the pitching staff.Because you don't want Soriano moving around in only his second year as an outfielder, let him stay in center with Pie playing right.Floyd and Pie would give Piniella the two left-handed bats in the outfield that he currently figures to have with Floyd and Jones. Piniella also would have a choice of essentially platooning Pie and the right-handed-hitting Ryan Theriot (who continues to look like David Eckstein with pop) by shuttling DeRosa between second and right. He played 60 games in the latter spot last year for the Rangers, and some scouts think it's his best spot.These would be aggressive changes to make this late in spring training, but the alternative is to shrug your shoulders and continue sacrificing outs and bases because of your outfield defense.It's clear Pie did not get the memo that said he was out of the running for a big-league job.He played all nine innings with verve Friday after the bus ride down I-10, grinding all the way through the ninth inning walk off Bobby Jenks that put him in position to score the tying run from first on Casey McGehee's double to the gap in right-center."I thought it was good," Piniella said of Pie's patience at a time when a walk really was as good as a hit. "Pie has done well. He has played well all spring."He can catch the ball too.

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