Saturday, March 24, 2007

Newspapers continue to push Barmes to Chicago.

It seems the newspapers and Internet sites continue to say the Cubs or Rangers are going to acquire Clint Barmes( who was one of two players yesterday sent to AAA, the other Cory Sullivan). Lou has said he likes his team and doesn't need Jim to make any more deals. But having said that no gm is ever not checking on players available. Is Clint Barmes one of those players?? If you asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said yes. But since then Cedeno has caught on fire both offensively and defensively. He will take the last position spot on the team sending Perez and Pagan to AAA( thats if Pagan has options, if he doesn't he will probably be traded). Barmes would be a nice player to have in AAA tho. He can play everyday and if someone goes down he can be called upon. So a trade for him wouldn't be bad if he will be at AAA Iowa, but it wouldn't be good he is on the MLB opening day roster.


It seems talks are heating up that Prior could in fact get the 5th spot in the rotation. Prior had a great outing his last time out hitting 89-90mph. His breaking pitches looked good and he lasted 60 pitches. Now before that outing everyone said the race was up to Guzman and Miller. Prior had his supposed "loose shoulder" which wasn't even credible enough to put on my site. And it seemed like Wade had the 5th spot locked up. But then Prior came around, looked good in his minor and major outings and will have one more before the season starts. If he can in fact have a good outing and get through 6 innings, Lou will have a hard decision on his hands. Either Miller or Prior!? the other thing to think about is Guzman, is he going to get a spot in the pen?? I say no, Lou will carry 12 pitchers( Demp, Howry, Eyre, Cotts, Ohman, Wood, and Weurtz are the relievers) leaving Guzman in AAA Iowa with another guy who has an argument that he should be on the roster in Rockey Cherry. I should be great to watch how this unfolds, Lou has some tough days ahead of him!

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