Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cubs box score, more reports on Barmes

Here is a link to box score today-


- Sori hit his 3rd homer of the Spring.
- Lilly finally got roughed up. He pitched 5 innings, gave up 4 runs and 9 hits and 2 BB.


It sound like the Cubbies are very interested in Clint Barmes. The Sun Times backed up the rumor that was all over the net yesterday. Makes you wonder if the get info from message boards?? Well Clint Barmes is definitely better than the two players that are battling for the last spot( Cedeno and Perez). His OBP is really low(.264) and low avg with no power. The Cubs should look else where for utility players. Like the players i mention yesterday/


The Sun Times seems to think the last man on the 12 man pitching roster is Guzman. I tend not to agree. First of all I think there will be a 11 man pitching roster not 12. Leaving Guzman off. With Weurtz and Wood starting the season either in AAA Iowa or the DL it is a possibility that he is on the ML roster but only if Lou will carry 11 pitchers because he wants a strong bench.





Anonymous said...

I disagree with your list of the pitching staff. I think that Guzman will be the long man out of the pen, and with the way that Cotts has pitched, he is the odd man out.

Anonymous said...

Lou Pinella has already said that Wuertz has made the ballclub after his last outing. I think his mind is made up and he will have a 12-man pitching staff. I don't agree with it but we will see. I would be very surprised if Guzman beats out Rocky Cherry for the 12th spot. I would assume they would want Guzman to pitch as amny innings as possible if he is not in the rotation and I don't see them cutting Cotts.