Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rumor and News overload!

There is alot of rumors and some news out there today. First the news-

- Soto was called up today and Pie was sent down. The cubs will carry three catchers for some dumb reason and they send down a young kid who deserves to play CF everyday.

And now for the numerous rumors-

- Arod is expect not to negotiate thru the season. If the Yanks want to keep him they will have to negotiate with him after the season Boras said. Boras also said he will be the first 30 million dollar a year man. I believe him and expect the cubs along with other big market teams to make a push.

- The cubs are still trying to shop Jones. The Twins are very interested but they want the cubs to pay the majority of the contract. The cubs seem unwilling to do that ( they should just trade him and pay him, let Pie play). The A's, Marlins, Rangers, and White Sox remain interested.

- Griffey to the cubs?? Don't count it out-

I'm assuming they mean the Cubs because him going to the cheap ass Sox wouldn't make sense considering they want to get rid of TI and Dye and maybe Vazquez.

Griffey would look damn good in cubbie blue!

-Bruce Levine on ESPN Radio 1000 that the Cubs have 3 serious bidders for Cesar Izturis. He said if Cesar is traded Cedeno would be called back up from Iowa. I don't think the cubs would call up Cedeno, why would they want to get another youngster up here to sit on the bench. Stick with the Three headed Monster in the MI ( Derosa, Theriot, and Font).

There is all the rumors for today. Interesting to see if these Rumors have any truth to them!

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Anonymous said...

three catchers?!?!..I'm goign to start a rumor..look for Bowen or Hill to be traded(maybe with someone izturis who knows) on or toward the deadlline. Was Hendry thinking "gee I have a glutton of outfielders why not have a glutton of catchers"