Sunday, December 10, 2006

Marquis. Floyd. Lofton a target? Jones wanting out of chicago?,CST-SPT-deluca10.article

The sun-times has some intresting info this afternoon-

Once the Marquis signing is complete, the Cubs will turn their attention toward acquiring a center fielder to keep the job warm until prospect Felix Pie is ready by midseason or 2008. New manager Lou Piniella still wants more help on his bench, and free-agent outfielder Cliff Floyd remains a strong possibility.

Im still glad we are pursing floyd.. He would be valubale off the bench and provide nothing but help to this team not to mention if heathy can belt 25 hr!!! The cubs are still working minor details out with Marquis but it is basically a done deal.. If the cubs are looking for a center fielder i vote Lofton(which is a favorite) or via trade Church.. My dream would be Crawford but that will cost too much

Right fielder Jacque Jones has indicated a desire to be traded, and the Cubs will look for a deal that makes sense. If Jones is dealt, the Cubs are expected to sign Floyd.

Jones obviously doesnt want to be in chicago.. He complains about fans and wanted Dusty to stay... Now saying that we shouldnt just give him away.. He has alot of trade value with the numbers he put up.. I say give the Rays a call and see if they want Jones along with young pitching for Crawford.. It couldnt hurt to ask.


Anonymous said...

Lofton to rangers foxsports lettin ya know. .....this is bad! this may mean jones in center ( i dont mind we need his left handed bat (27 HR)

cubsfan82 said...

damn that does suck.. i was very pro lofton.. the only options i see for us now are Jones in center, pie in center, Trade for Church, or another trade.. like such previous rumors of Crawford, Coco, etc