Monday, May 31, 2010

Moves Made as Expected.. Blow up this team....

- The Chicago Cubs made some moves today sending Angel Guzman to the 60 day DL. Andrew Cashner was called up and put in the bullpen taking Guzman's 40 man roster spot and Grabow was sent to the DL for 15 days because of a "left knee sprain."

Having watched this team continue to fall apart and play below .500 baseball for the entire year so far has me wondering if this team should be dismantled and built back up with young talent and worth while free agents. Besides players like Marlon Byrd, Ryan Dempster, Carlos Silva, and some random others, this team does not mesh well and looks like there hearts are not in it. I think players like Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez simply do not care and are just going through the motions. Both corner infielders are suppose to be the leaders of this team but are acting like spoiled veterans who are just interested in cashing checks. These veterans simply have no consequences because they have a manager that lets them do whatever. If I was Tom Ricketts I would look at dramatically altering this team at the deadline especially if they are hanging around .500 or below that.

The Cubs need to add hard-working young talented players that know how to play the game the right way. First we have to acknowledge trading players like Soriano and Zambrano are not likely because of their contract but players like Aramis Ramirez, Fukudome, Lee, etc are players that could and should be dealt around the deadline because they do not fit into the fold next season. Put all these players on the block-


Bold represents not likely to be traded because of their contract.

You have probably noticed I pretty much labeled everyone on the roster except Castro, Wells, Soto, Marmol, etc... All those other players have leadership, small contract, or at least a reasonable contact. The others do not fit into the model of what I would do to build a team.

Lets face it Cub fans, the Cubs need to start over, build on young talent, and add key free agents as they get better and realize their holes. A perfect model is the Tampa Bay Rays, they have a ton of young talent that came up through their minor leagues that start everyday for them right now. That should be the model for the Cubs. The Cubs have Andrew Cashner, Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Josh Vitters, Hak-Ju Lee, Randy Wells, Casey Coleman, Jay Jackson, Brett Jackson, etc... You mix them with veterans like Marlon Byrd, Sean Marshall, and other players that are likely not to be traded because of contract (ie Soriano, Dempster, and Zambrano) and you have the making of a nice team mixed with veterans and young talent, much like the Rays have this season. It all starts at the top with a new GM and revamped coaching staff. Ryne Sandberg, Gregg Maddux, and/or Bob Brenly should be involved with the Cubs in some way. Sandberg or Brenly managing would be a nice and welcome change while I think Maddux would be a great GM (if you are going to start over why not give him a shot?). I think the only coach you keep is Rudy Jaramillo because I have seen what he has done with Soto, Soriano, etc.

I just think it is time for a change because this is not a team, it is a group of individuals with no direction.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

I like your picks to go except I would keep Gorzelanny if possible and get rid of Wells. Wells and Zambrano are the only cub starters with more hits than innings pitched. Also Gorzelanny is the only cubs starter with more SO than IP. He is also a lefty the rest of the young studs coming up are all righties. But Gorzelanny will probably be traded because he is the only starter other teams would want. They maybe able to trade Silva and cash. Lilly may still turn it around and be able to get traded. But Zambrano, Dempster and Wells are staying BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS THEM. I'd also keep Fontenot and add Howry to the get rid of list.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rammy has much trade value. He is playing the worst I've seen him since his PIT days and his player opt out clause is a big hurdle. Because he sucks, he won't find on the market a better deal, so the new team will have to be "stuck" with him. If he suddenly blows up after the trade, he opts out and the new team was dealing with a rental player.

I also disagree with your thought that D Lee, Rammy, and Co. don't care. I wouldn't question you if you said it about Z or Soriano, but I think D Lee and Rammy care. Lets face it. They just got a little older and their production isn't quite what it used to be. What we saw out of both the last few years were actually their peak years.

I think we'll get a better idea of where we stand by the end of this month. With a veteran team that has players that have been there before, there is still a chance for a turnaround.


Tanner said...

I agree with you. There are so many players who play like crap because they just dont care. I live in Omaha, and I cant wait for the CWS to start, because those guys play their buts off and that is something that I havent seen with the Cubs for years.