Friday, June 04, 2010

Nationals Interested in Fukudome, Nady, and more....

Accoring to Ben Goessling of MASNsports the Nationals could have interest in Xavier Nady or Koskue Fukudome to solve their RF woes. He labels the pros and cons of both but it seems Fukudome would be the best fit because of his defense and he was targeted earlier in the year by the Nationals.

Before I read this story today I had an unnamed source that told me the Nationals have contacted the Cubs about Fukudome along with two other outfielders, Ryan Theriot, and a "pricey top of the rotation pitcher." If the Cubs did in fact get that call I would beg to trade off Fukudome, Theriot, and any of our pricey pitchers in the rotation to any team. That pitchers the Nats could be targeting is Lilly who is in the last year of his contract, it could be Dempster who has a ton of money on his contract, Carlos Silva is an option because how he has been pitching, and Carlos Zambrano could be a target even though he has not been a top of the rotation guy.

One thing Goessling mentions is $$$ and how they want a player that is younger and contract fits their money situation. One solution to that is to take a bad contract in return. The Cubs could take Adam Dunn who is owed 12 million and in the last year of this contract and Cristian Guzman could be another option especially if they trade Ryan Theriot. Other than that there is not someone on the Nationals that is that expensive that they would trade (Ryan Zimmerman please).

If the Cubs could unload one of their pricey starters, Ryan Theriot, and either Fukudome or Nady to the Nationals without eating a ton of salary, call that a win-win situation. It would be a win for the Cubs if they could get out of paying any of the contract and acquire Dunn and/or Guzman because they are in the final year of their deals.

Jim Hendry could start doing what is right and that is selling off this overpriced team and look toward the future by getting younger and less expensive. Unfortunately it does not look like that will happen and therefore Hendry will not be apart of that future.


Tanner said...

TRADE THEM ALL!! THEY ARE SUCK! Trade everybody on that team NOW!

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I really don't see the nationals trading Dunn (.379 OBP and 10 HR's.
Guzman on the other hand yes.
Nady and Wells. Total 6.4 million. For Guzman, Clippard and 2 million cash the difference. Cubs then take
Theriot and 2 million and trade for Gregerson. Now you have a bull pen. And if Ramirez and Lee wake up
who knows what could happen. Phils
and tigers are scouting the cubs too.

Emanuel said...

I don't get it....WHY trade Fukudome?!

allan jb said...

Pricey and Theriot do not belong in the same sentence.