Friday, January 25, 2008

Jim not done making moves yet!

Jim Hendry told the Tribune he is not done with his roster. He is looking for some final touches and Lou seems to think if they do make a move it will be for a outfielder( likely to platoon with Pie and fill in at the other two spots). We have heard the names of Marlon Byrd, Kenny Lofton, and Chone Figgins. One name that I see mentioned Shannon Stewart. That would be an interesting pick up because he hasn't played much CF in the past 3 years. The ideal situation would to get Figgins but he will cost a lot of players that frankly we don't have. It seems Lofton and Byrd are the likely suitors. Lofton can be a great speedy guy off the bench that could fill in at all three OF positions and mentor Pie but he is left handed. Byrd provides the same as Lofton but right handed bat and better defensive skills. Byrd would likely cost Murton and a pitching prospect( I hope not Gallagher). Byrd would be a nice addition even though his numbers are unlikely to be duplicated from his career season last year.

Though Lou says that he says he sees the Cubs making a move for an outfielder don't count out Khalil Greene. The Padres are looking for a corner outfielder and like Matt Murton. Greene was offered a extension but turned it down because he wants to play on the east coast or a hitter friendly park. A deal would likely include Cedeno and a pitching prospect along with Murton for Greene. Greene would provide offense and a good glove at SS. It would also allow Theriot to take over the super utility role and strengthen the bench. His stats are very misleading.

.228 BA with 27 homers, 136 RBI, .288 OBP, 227 K's in 980 AB.

.280 BA with 47 homers, 157 RBI, .335 OBP, 194 K's in 1028 AB.

That what we call a drastic home/away split. I am all for getting Greene with a deal that would include Murton, Cedeno, and Gallagher. He would be going to a hitter friendly park. Provide a great glove at SS and a nice bat in the 6th or 7th spot in the lineup. When is the last time we had a legitimate SS that hit 15 homers out of the 6th or 7th spot in the lineup? The only concern I have is he seems somewhat fragile but you can live with the risk because you have Theriot ready to fill in if needed. Lets hope something happen before pitchers and catchers meet in 20 days.


Anonymous said...

I would not give up 3 prospects for Greene. Cedano will hit for average and has some pop. Greene is O.K. but not 3 prospects. I would give up 5 prospects for Bedard though. Nick I

Anonymous said...

I realy I like to trade for robert beacuase he could lead off but I dont mind having greene

traderumor said...

20kman thinks Hendry is done dealing.

Anonymous said...

Murton for Byrd i don't tbink we need to add any more players it's a fair trade. Murton is better than Byrd , they should give us a minor leaguer. Nick I