Friday, February 01, 2008

Jim Hendry to be on Chicago Tribune Live!

Jim Hendry and Sweet Lou will be on Chicago Tribune Live tonight at 5:30 cst. You can submit your questions and they could get read on the air. I have already submitted like 10 and hope he can answer some of my questions becuase I know some of you have the same questions. Here is the link to submit you questions to Jim-

Ask him the questions your wondering. Such as-

With the Mets close to aquiring Santana and Dbacks upgrading there rotation with Haren are you looking to get a calibur pitcher such as them through a trade before opening day??

There are rumors going around that you are prepared to trade Felix Pie and/or Rich Hill. Are these are at all true? Or are they considered "untouchable"??

Those are a few I asked. So send him you questions and hopefully we will get some answers.


Kamel said...

Did your question get aired?

Did you catch the part about Santana? Hendry mentioned that Santana wanted to be traded to East Coast teams and teams that held Spring Training in Florida. I found that interesting because it wasnt really brought up in any of the rumors.

But looks like it makes sense in that the most well known suitors were the Red Sox, Yanks, and Mets.

cubsfan82 said...

My questions were not read last nite unfortunatly. I thought the questions asked overall were decent expecially the one about Santana( that was intresting). But I wish he would have addressed rumors circulating around about Hill and Pie. Wether they are untouchable or not.