Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crane Kenney on ESPN 1000 yesterday.

Here is the link to some good info from Crane Kenney, Chairman of the Cubs. Its the Podcast for 1/28.


It is about 15 mins long and has some great info on the selling of Wrigley, trades, and other tidbits.

The best thing out of the interview happen right around 12 mins into the interview. He says that rather than deplete the farm system for Johan Santana. Jim has 2 fair trades out there right now on some "high profile guys" who will help this team a lot and not ever 5th day like a pitcher would. He also says he can see the deal getting done soon! That's a pretty bold statement and its good news!

Here is a list of players that I can see the Cubs getting-

Brian Roberts- Has been linked to the Cubs for months, would be a huge asset.

Chone Figgins- Also has been linked to the Cubs, it would be huge pick up. A utility guy who has speed and can play everyday. He could man CF, 2b, or SS on our team.

Khalil Greene- Possibly a deal that involves Murton and has been rumored for a week or two.

Marlon Byrd- Not a high profile name but still a decent pick up.

Orlando Hudson- Another name that has been floating around but have not heard anything lately.

Those are the only 5 names I could come up with unless Jim has something else up his sleeve to surprise us. ( Carl Crawford???) We can only dream! Did I miss anyone else that you the readers feel might be a high profile player we are after that's not a pitcher??

Two out of those 5 that I would love to get in a deal is Chone Figgins and Khalil Greene. That would be really complete the lineup and you can use Theriot as a super utility guy and keep Derosa at 2b and make Pie expendable in one of these deals or maybe for pitching( assuming they use Figgins in CF). Check out this lineup!

Soriano LF
Figgins CF
Lee 1st
Aram 3b
Fukudome RF
Greene SS
Derosa 2b
Soto C

All I got to say is WOW!


Anonymous said...

Love that line up. I was on angels web site awhile back and they were talking about having to many outfielders and only one left hand relif pitcher. Oliver was the lefty and he's 37. What are our chances of getting Willits say for Marshall,Cotts or Pignatiello. Nick I

Anonymous said...

One problem with that line up, we would have to give up Ramirez for Figgins.

Anonymous said...

Figgins is possible 2 differnt ways. First cubs would have to eat Matthews contract then angels would give up Figgins. Or second way would be a three way trade with lets say detroit sending inge the third baseman. There is always a way. How bad do we want him. Nick I

Joe said...

Man... sounds like Mets gave up nothin for Santana. I wonder if the Cubs could have given it a shot. I'm not too familiar with the Mets prospects bein sent back... but from the sounds of it... looks like we could have offered just as much if not better. I know there is the problem of signing Santana... but as I always said... money shouldnt be the deal breaker when it comes to the Cubs.